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The most outstanding innovations of 2010 rewarded
by the Pharmapack Awards jury

Pharmapack Awards
During the 10th edition of Pharmapack, which took place in Paris on 23-24 February 2011, the Pharmapack Awards ceremony unveiled the most innovative packaging developed for drugs and devices placed on the French market between November 2009 and December 2010.

The Pharmapack Prize jury awarded B. Braun in the “Medical Device” category for the innovative nature of the new Actreen? Lite Mini.


PhotosB. Braun Medical launched in October 2010 the Actreen® Lite Mini, its first urinary catheter for intermittent (auto/hetero) catheterisation, specifically for women. Actreen® Lite Mini is recommended for chronic urinary retention.


Easy to use
Actreen® Lite Mini is a sterile and ready-for-use catheter, that can be used immediately, without any prior preparation. The special shape from its connector makes the handling easier, even in case of reduced dexterity.


Discretion and safety
The Actreen® Lite Mini catheter was specifically adapted for a woman’s urethra. Its length and the distal position of the eyes at its extremity were designed to allow a maximal and safe draining of the bladder.
Because of its small size, Actreen® Lite Mini is very useful and easy to carry. It is available in a 30 pieces box, with individual sterile wrapping and a convenient handling case for daily use.


Actreen® Lite Mini is available at hospitals, in pharmacies and retailers.


Press officer
Cécile Gillet-Giraud – +33 (0)1 41 10 53 59 – [email protected]

The Pharmapack Prize jury awarded Abbott Laboratories in the “Sustainable Packaging” category for the innovative nature of the new Kaletra® (lopinavir/Ritonavir) 200mg/50mg, film-coated tablets (lopinavir/ritonavir) packaging.


AbbottSince January 2011 the new Kaletra® packaging has reduced the pack size by 40% and represents 70% less packaging. It is therefore more compact and provides greater discretion for the patient. The new pack contains 10 blisters of 12 film-coated tablets, i.e. 120 tablets for a 30-day treatment. Each blister represents treatment for 3 days.


Kaletra® has been available since 2001 and is indicated in the treatment of adults and children aged over two years infected with HIV-1, in combination with other antiretroviral agents. Abbott has been committed to the treatment of the HIV infection for more than 25 years and keeps on developing drugs to meet the expectations of healthcare professionals and patients.

The “Ease of Use” Pharmapack Award went to Talent BT™ by Primequal.


Talent BT™ is an injection device for pharmaceutical drug delivery based on an innovative patented “1 Click 1 Dose” technology. Talent BT™ is an automatic, painless, single button injection device developed to enable a safer, faster, precise and repeated dose delivery. For the first time, a step-by-step doser is available in a single use – disposable elegant device. Talent BT has an award-winning design which alleviates patient anxiety and features SmoothJect™, which enables a truly painless injection. The device is made in a way that it cannot be re-opened and cannot be re-filled. When the product to be injected has been expelled, the device locks itself and is then unavailable for a second use. This device therefore offers the highest levels of medical and pharmaceutical safety. Fully adapted to each field of application, Talent BT™ is designed for the end user to be at ease and comfortable in everyday use.


To participate in Pharmapack Awards 2012 and submit your innovative products launched on the market between December 2010 and December 2011, please kindly contact us at [email protected] or +33 (0) 1 77 48 10 00.


Winners of Pharmapack Awards 2010
• Pharmapack Awards - Compliance - NovoPen 4 – Novo Nordisk
• Pharmapack Awards - « Security » - Seringue EPHEDRINE prête à l'emploi AGUETTANT –
   Laboratoire AGUETTANT
• Pharmapack Awards - Medical device - Conveen Optima – Laboratoires Coloplast
• Pharmapack Awards “Prevention of Domestic Risks” Award in veterinary category » -
   Milteforan – Laboratoires Virbac
• Special Mention from the Jury – New packaging - VitaflorBIO - Nutrition & Santé


Winners of Pharmapack Awards 2009
• Prix Pharmapack « Bon usage du médicament » - Actonelcombi ® – P&G Pharmaceuticals
• Prix Pharmapack « Sécurité d’usage » - Efferalgan ® – BMS
• Prix Pharmapack « Dispositif médical » - UriSet 24 avec Monovette®, SARSTEDT
• Prix Pharmapack « Observance », catégorie vétérinaire - easOtic – Virbac
• Certificat Pharmapack «Respect de la chaîne du froid» - Airliner®, Coldpack


Winners of Pharmapack Awards 2008
• Pharmapack Award «Observance» • "Pocketpak" • Société BurgoPak
• Pharmapack Award « Security» • "Onko-safe"• Ebewe Pharma
• Pharmapack Award « Medical Devices » • "ReCell®" • C3 Clinical Cell Culture

Winners of Pharmapack Awards 2007
• "EMEND" Laboratories MSD – Chibret
• "NovoFine® Autocover" - Laboratories Novo Nordisk
• "M-Jet" injecteur de lentilles intraoculaires - Company Top Clean Injection
   (Top Clean Packaging Group)

Winners of Pharmapack Awards 2005
• Rovip SA For "Micropakine" - Sanofi-Aventis
• Medical Device Award : "Velairpack" - Velfor groupe
• Special Mention From The Jury : "Seringue DNS (Dry Needle System)" - Plastef & m.b.innovation
• Special Mention From The Jury : "Conditionnement du Panadol" - Field Boxmore, Belfast
   for GlaxoSmithkline, UK


Winners of Pharmapack Awards 2003
• Pharmapack Award : "SmartDose" - Laboratoire ProMed
• Security Award : "Arixtra" - Laboratoire Sanofi-Synthelabo
• Hospital Award : "PhaSeal" - Laboratoires Faulding


Winners of Pharmapack Awards 2001
• Pharmapack Award : "Imigrane" - Laboratoire Glaxowelcome
• Security Award : "Innohep" - Laboratoire Leo
• Special Mention From The Jury: "Miochole" - Laboratoire Ciba Vision
• Special Hospital Award: "Free Flex" - Laboratoire Fresenius Kabi

Winners of Pharmapack Awards 1999
• Award for Enhanced Safety and Administration : "Bouteilles d’oxygène à manodétendeur
  intégré" - Laboratoire A.G.A. MEDICAL, Laboratoire Air Liquide Santé, Laboratoire Air Products
• Easy To Use : Stylo injecteur  "Apokinon" - Laboratoires Aguettant
• Distribution concept : "Rhinathiol adulte en gel" - Laboratoires Synthelabo

Winners of Pharmapack Awards 1997
• First Award : "Système Diskus de Flixotide" - Laboratoire Glaxowellcome
• Hospital Award : "Système de transfert des flacons de Tienam 500 I.V." - Laboratoire M.S.D
• Security Award : "nouvelles seringues pré-remplies de Fraxiparine" - Laboratoire Sanofi