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Compete to the Pharmapack Awards 2011
The Pharmapack Awards are awarded to companies who express significant product innovation in the packaging of: drugs, medical devices, health products and veterinary drugs products launched on the market between November 2010 and December 2011. Deadline to submit your innovative products no later than 15 December 2011.
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Aim of the Pharmapack Awards

Pharmapack AwardsThe Pharmapack Awards, created in 1997, are designed to underscore the innovative drive of packaging professionals: drugs, medical devices, health products and veterinary drugs. The prizes are awarded to innovative packaging that significantly contributes to proper drug use and compliance.


With this award, the packaging industry operators wish to focus the attention of:
• Pharmaceutical Engineers in charge of Research, Development and Production • Hospital Pharmacists • Packaging Buyers • Marketing and Product Managers • Institutional Representatives • The Media

to the specificities and intelligence of health product packaging, the ability to innovate packaging industrialists (materials, packaging machine(s), primary, secondary packaging, insert, labeling, means and technologies to combat counterfeit and parallel markets, packaging of CE marked medical devices, etc.

Regulatory framework

The Pharmapack Award must comply with the regulatory framework that applies to medicinal drugs and must fully focus on the technological aspect, including, for example, elements pertaining to form and matter. Any other criteria such as color or typography linked to the advertising dimension of the product must be eliminated. Narcotics or medicines strongly linked to drug addiction will be excluded.
Examples of criteria that may be taken into account by the jury to select the award winner:


Role of packaging in the therapeutic advance: therapeutic optimisation, preservation,
   content/container interaction, protection, asepsis/sterilisation, delivery
Service for the user: optimal use taking into account the age of the user, safety of use,
   clarity of mode of utilisation
Economy: induced economy of the medicinal drug, environment, elimination