February 10-12, 2015 | Anaheim Convention Center | Anaheim, CA

Learning Labs Agenda

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DAY 1 - Tuesday, February 11th
A1Design Healthcare Packaging & Human Factors
9:00 AM

Human Factors of Smart Packaging

Chair: Paul van der Pol, Director R&D, Noble, Inc.

• This presentation focuses on embedding multisensory learning technologies into the packaging of patient starter kits, to reduce patient errors and establish brand preference for the prescribing physician.
• In multisensory learning, multiple pathways are established in separate areas of the brain. Multisensory learning uses the neurological mechanisms of the brain to create a more effective learning experience.
• By using the packaging as a vehicle for the learning system, significant value is added to the packaging, the patient interacts with it repeatedly, and the packaging it is retained rather than thrown away.

Paul van der Pol, Director R&D, Noble, Inc.

Peelable Technology for Medical Device Packaging
• Examining heat seal coatings and the impact of sterilization on coating performance, including typical failures and issues with the sterilization cycle
• Analyzing the relationship of porosity values for porous materials and Ethylene Oxide sterilization with coated and uncoated materials
• Asking the question if there are more advantages to eliminate the coating and seek alternate peelable technologies
• Identifying alternative peelable film technologies and how the improved porosity can benefit the overall packaging system

Brian Ingraham, Product Development Manager, Amcor Flexibles Healthcare


Quality Focused Organizational Change: A Model for Rapid Improvement

9:00 AM

This presentation provides an advanced application of the basic PDSA improvement methodology to accommodate organizations requiring rapid improvements to existing processes. The theory, tools, and techniques of this rapid improvement model are aligned with the current revitalized interest in Total Quality management (TQM). This model can be adopted by any organization desiring to utilize the basic TQM concepts and meet the rapidly changing market demands.

• Moving quickly from theory to application
• Applying a combination of Quality improvement methodology with change concepts in an existing organizational culture
• Outside of the box thinking to meet the rapidly changing demands of the global market

Milt Krivokuca, ASQ-QMD Chair, California State University, Dominguez Hills

C1DesignDesign 3D Printing Capabilities
9:00 AM

Chair: Susan York, North American Business Manager, Stratasys

Capabilities of 3D printing and rapid prototyping
• Explore 3D printing in the most efficient practices
• Developments in 3D printing and how to best utilize this technology
• Review current applications and new developments for multi material printing

Susan York, North American Business Manager, Stratasys

Discovering 3D printing and how it will change manufacturing
• Purchasing a 3D printer: Identify the benefits of printing in house
• Gauge cost effectiveness and economic feasibility
• Discover ways to install and integrate 3D printing into your current system
• Competing systems: The challenges when choosing which company to invest in

Bruce Bradshaw, Director of Marketing, Stratasys

Debunking the myths: Is 3D printing worth the hype?
• Livers, eyes and feet; what is 3D printing actually capable of?
• Evaluate materials that will take additive manufacturing technology into the future
• 3D printing in practice at home: Exploring practical uses for the consumer

Susan York, North American Business Manager, Stratasys
A2Design Packaging That Sells
11:00 AM

Chair: Jerome Fraillon, Global Director of Packaging Development, Smashbox Cosmetics

A review of evolving purchasing trends and how to entice your customer
• Highlighting recent consumer trends and the impact on purchase behavior and packaging
• Utilizing a focused design process to meet those consumer trends and improve speed to market
• Review of packaging design process ensuring technical and commercial feasibility

Steve Canfield, The Tube Council

Leveraging an existing retail brand identity and not loose share with a product re-launch for a global solution
• Incorporating the visual identity of package design
• Weighing the benefits of the brand and what elements are most important to represent at retail
• How does packaging showcase the product in shape and form factor while still being on brand

Matt Alford, Packaging Director Boys Entertainment, Mattel

Achieving improved package usability through engineering
• How to translate end-user insight into your packaging development
• Developing a blueprint for sound user-testing requirements in packaging R&D processes
• Best design practices in facilitating positive end-user impact: ergonomics, look, feel and implementing your R&D findings

Glenn Ventrell, Consultant, iNSIGHTS2iNNOVATION

10:30 AM - Ask the experts: Q&A session

B2R&D Materials & Technology for Implantable Devices
11:00 AM

Chair: James Hedrick, Advanced Organic Materials Scientist, IBM Research

Biostable polyurethanes for implantable devices – in vitro stability - sponsored by Design

• Review of in vitro methods for assessing biodegradation
• Discussion of comparative study method and characterization of polyurethanes
• Evaluating the results of different degradation methods on biostable polycarbonate polyurethanes

Chander Chawla, PhD, Director, Biomedical Polyurethanes, DSM

Strategies and technologies to reduce infection and thrombosis risk in medical implants
• Reviewing the latest technologies to prevent bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation on implant surfaces
• Exploring an anti-infective technology that allows bacterially triggered release of anti-microbials
• Developing advanced implant coatings to improve the biocompability and durability

James Hedrick, Advanced Organic Materials Scientist, IBM Research

Design & Manufacturing of durable medical implantable devices by integrating technologies
• Review of the history of medical implantable devices from Heart valve to stent and transcatheter valve
• Built to last by integrating by integrating material technology, fatigue testing and advanced analysis
• Validation of the computation and proof test the design
• Advances of simulated tests and product training tools

Xiao-Yan Gong, Ph.D., President, Medical Implant Mechanics LLC

C2Design Lean Manufacturing
11:00 AM

Lean Six Sigma is a powerful process improvement methodology which is increasingly employed in a wide variety of industries. In this session, attendees will understand how a Lean transformation can dramatically empower and engage the workforce with an effort to remain agile, dynamic and successful as demands grow more complex. In addition, the roles and responsibilities needed for a successful Lean Program will be discussed.

• Gain an understanding of how continuous improvement strategies can be linked with A3 and quality and lean tools
• Learn about A3 problem-solving and Six Sigma DMAIC integration
• Find out how A3s can help facilitate the search for solutions to an organization’s most-challenging problems.

Subra Manivannan, Quality/Continuous Improvement Manager, Comau (FIAT division)
Stefan Schmidt, Process and Quality Management, VWI-Germany and University of Applied Sciences

A3Design Connecting with Customers Through Smart Packaging
1:00 PM

Chair: Jerome Fraillon, Global Director of Packaging Development, Smashbox Cosmetics

Building a roadmap for utilizing electronically enabled packaging
• Analyzing packaging as a usability, customer experience and enhancement tool
• Addressing ways to facilitate a connection with the customer on a technological level
• Scrutinize case study applications of smart packaging and what extra value it adds for you and your customer
• Identify ways to overcome costs and current limitations and ensure a strong ROI

Lee Nicholson
, R&D Director, PepsiCo

Strategies for Interactive Packaging
• Learn about technologies for interaction including scannable codes, NFC, augmented reality, and printed electronic labels
• Gain insight into the costs and benefits associated with different technologies
• Examine how integrating mobile and social media technologies with interactive packaging helps to gain insight into your customers
• Evaluate examples of interesting interactive packaging applications

Malcolm Keif
, Professor, Graphic Communication Department, California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo

B3R&D Medical Device Business Accelerator
1:00 PM

Chair: Cathi Crist, Partner, Kalypso

Finding appropriate financing amongst evolving models for medtech investment
• Exploring different strategies to interest angels and VCs in a medical device startup
• Constructing methods and strategies these to successfully find the capital needed to move projects forward at any stage
• When and where to find alternative financing strategies for capital:

  • Securing funding from a venture capitalist
  • Pitching to angel investors
  • Crowd sourcing strategies
  • Debt financing
Charlie Chi, Founder and CEO, RDI Medical

Accelerating your speed to market: Overcoming your company's speed bumps
• Navigating the 510(k) process and overcoming regulatory hurdles
• Tips for implementing a streamlined compliance program
• Quality Systems 101

David Amor, MS, CQA,
Managing Partner, MEDgineering, Inc.

Accelerate Innovation: Balancing Portfolio and Product Development Effectiveness with Regulatory
• Leading practices for delineating business and technology development across the New Product Development (NPD) Lifecycle
• Effective innovation governance and phase gate processes
• New product development process definition and work flow structure
• How project teams and team structure can help achieve both compliance and project success
• How Software systems and tools can provide added integration across design, quality and project management

Cathi Crist, Partner, Kalypso

C3Design Injection Molding: Waste & Cost Reduction
1:00 PM

Troubleshooting injection molded defects

• Characterizing scientific injection molding principles
• systematic deductive analysis of defects
• utilizing an analysis flow chart as a guide
• data determines decisions not emotions
• separation of tooling issue versus process issue.

Timothy E. Worthington, Plastics Manufacturing & Engineering Specialist

What to expect from the OEM, regarding Medical Molding

Steve Erickson, Manufacturing Engineer, Edwards Lifesciences

New methods for producing energy savings when using Hot Runner Systems
• Presenting new Insulating materials and methods to reduce heat losses to the surroundings
• Analyzing the effects of heater installation methods on the heat transfer efficiency
• Detailing the use of small size nozzles to lower mold size and operating costs

Paul Boettger, Owner, Technoject Machinery

A4DesignAutomation Package Tracking & Vision Systems
3:00 PM

Chair: Jim Warner, Founder and Principal Industrial Designer, JimWarner3D, LLC

Lessons learned from track-and-trace programs across multiple industries
• Reviewing alternative approaches to achieve packaging traceability: Successes and failures
• How to ensure real-time visibility and continuity to reduce supply disruptions and eliminate information latency
• Implementing systems for efficient data collection and analysis to improve integrity and safety of products and supply

Jim Warner, Founder and Principal Industrial Designer, JimWarner3D, LLC

New Technologies In Machine Vision Systems: Improving Quality, Efficiency, and Flexibility
• Examine how machine vision is used successfully in packaging and other production processes
• Advances in machine vision components: new developments that help improve inspection and guidance capabilities
• Strategies for selecting and integrating a flexible vision system into the packaging line
• How to specify cost-effective solutions that will improve OEE and decrease false rejects and process faults.

David Dechow, Staff Engineer - Intelligent Robotics/Machine Vision, FANUC America Corporation

B4R&D Orthopedic Device Design
3:00 PM

Chair: Dawn A. Lissy, President, Empirical Technologies Corp.

How nanotechnology can create uniformed implant surface topographies that enhance performance

  • Discussing how a proprietary nanotechnological process creates nanotubes that have similar nanodimensions and how the uniformity and patterning is critical towards eliciting the greatest performance benefits
  • Key performance benefits include reducing inflammation and bacteria around the implant, stimulating soft tissue responses and also creating an implant that can serve as a drug delivery vehicle

Kayvon Pourmirzaie, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Nasseo

Mechanical testing: ensuring device safety and effectiveness

  • A review of recent advances in orthopedic testing methods
  • Understanding testing and regulatory requirements for biomaterials and medical devices
  • How to test a device that does not have a test standard or guidance document – addressing new technologies
Dawn A. Lissy, President, Empirical Technologies Corp.

A highly porous reticulated titanium foam for bone ingrowth

  • Porous metals in orthopedics: Prior state of the art
  • Biofoam® trabecular titanium
    • Design inputs and process development
    • In Vitro and In Vivo performance characteristics
    • Selected applications and regulatory requirements
    • Process capabilities and limitations
Jon Moseley, Ph.D., Director, Implant Technology, Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

C4Design Tools to Enhance Quality Control Systems
3:00 PM CT Scanning; Breaking Barriers in Product Development & Validation - sponsored by 3DProScanLogo
  • Discover how Industrial Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning works
  • Examine the advantages to CT Scanning
    • Faster Analysis
    • Accuracy
    • Non-Destructive
  • Understand how you can use CT Scanning and when to start using this technology

Visent Avxhi Business Development Manager, 3D Proscan

The SWEATT Model – Linking Strategy, Metrics and Accountability
The field of Quality is in need of a dramatic change; the SWOT model has served a useful purpose but today the model no longer works for organizations. Adopting fundamental new ways of thinking about the field of quality – from transforming the quality culture of an organization to rethinking how quality is defined – this presentation will introduce the SWEATT model and uncover how it is changing the field of quality.

  • Explore three examples that demonstrate the value of the SWEATT model; in the areas of manufacturing, education and marriage
  • Evaluate The S, W, E, T and T elements on measurement analysis and movement points between elements of the SWEATT model
  • Understand the most significant differences between the SWEATT and SWOT models

Russ Roberson, Vice President Quality and Regulatory Affairs, GE Healthcare

DAY 2 - Wednesday, February 12th
A5R&D Innovations in Materials for Packaging
9:00 AM

Chair: Ramin Heydarpour, Managing Partner, Flex R&D Inc.

Expanded uses and new applications for alternative packaging materials
• Trends in paper, glass and environmentally friendly packaging
• Recognizing novel material growth potential and opportunities for alternative materials in packaging

o Moldable pulp
o Algae
o Bamboo
o Agricultural waste
Oliver Campbell, Director of Packaging Procurement, Dell

Creating value in packaging through printed electronics
• Market drivers and consumer needs
• Enabling technologies in printed electronics today
• Examples of innovations
• A perspective on future products and technologies

Ramin Heydarpour, Managing Partner, Flex R&D Inc.

The large scale mineralization of paperboard plastic coatings: The next step in eco-technology for food and other barrier sensitive products
  • Learn why traditional 100% plastic coatings for paperboard packaging materials are obsolete
  • Discover how mineralized coating technologies now provide significant environmental gains, superior barrier performance and cost savings
  • Examine case studies: "Recyclable Paper Cup Materials" and "Innovative Folding Carton Technologies"

Chris Tilton, Chief Technology Officer, Smart Planet Technologies

B5R&D Advanced Application of Sensors in Medical Devices
9:00 AM

Chair: Alissa M. Fitzgerald, Ph.D., Founder and Managing Member, A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates, LLC

Utilizing new sensor technologies for implantable devices
• Analyze present and prospective implantable sensor technology and capabilities
• Identifying the promise of sensors in orthopedic and cardiovascular implant systems
• Demonstrating the developing the benefits of real time monitoring
• Uncover various applications with an in-depth look at implantable sensors from the viewpoints of:

o Nano materials and medicine
o materials science
o biotechnology
o sensor design

Mike Shillinger, Founder, IMT
Rick Russell, President, Merit Sensor
Leslie Field, CEO, Small Tech Consulting
Kevin Mach, Senior Account Manager, Silex

Microelectronics Solutions for Biomedical Applications: From Cells to Patients
• Using multi-electrode arrays to understand the electrophysiological response of cells for predicting drug toxicity
• Developing MEMS and microelectronic packaging to enable next generation medical endoscopes
• Leveraging non-invasive physiological monitoring for neurological diagnostics

Dr. Sonia Grego, Senior Research Scientist and Program Manager of The Bioengineering Team, RTI

Integrating sense of touch for medical device design, development and validation - sponsored by Design

• Review how companies are empowered to create more innovative and successful medical devices by capturing the "sense of touch" using tactile sensors
• Cover the basics of the technology behind tactile sensors
• Explore tactile sensor applications both in product integration and in the R&D and validation processes
• Present real-world examples of innovative tactile sensing instruments used in medical device development
• Understand the opportunities and challenges of embedding tactile sensors into medical devices.

Jae Son, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pressure Profile Systems
David Ables, Chief Technology Officer, Pressure Profile Systems
Huan Tran, Vice President of Sales, Pressure Profile Systems
C5Design Design for Manufacturability
9:00 AM

Developing scale-up strategies from R&D to manufacturing
• Understanding the importance of designing for ease of use and low cost assembly
• Overcoming design transfer challenges - where to utilize proven technologies, suppliers and outsource partners in order to minimize specification changes during transfer to manufacturing
• Identifying new approaches in driving manufacturing capacity, speed and reproducibility

Jim Howes, Director of Engineering, Kaleidoscope

Implementing improved reliability and consistency in the design through manufacturing process
• Discussing and agreeing on stable and sufficient product requirements before embarking on development
• Contrasting short time-frame needs for the product development environment and long-term needs of ramp-up and steady manufacturing
• Ensuring machine design that allows for changing materials, specifications and energy requirements
• Advances in manufacturing processes that facilitate improved precision

Tom Kramer, President, Kablooe

A6R&D Food & Beverage Packaging: Convenience Solutions
11:00 AM

Chair: Sal Pellingra, Vice President of Innovation, Ampac

Packaging design innovation: Value and Process to Success
• Understanding how to appeal to the mindful and healthier customer even they demand convenience
• Strategies for balancing the costs and per portion material increase of single-serve packaging with growing demand
• Packaging design for convenient, quickly made products without sacrificing quality

Nick Latorre
, Consultant,Package & Product Development, LLC

Packaging trends and innovation for convenience
• Emerging trends in convenience packaging
• The balance between quality, health and convenience
• New innovative convenience packaging – for on-the-go, easy to hold, open, use and reseal

Sal Pellingra, Vice President of Innovation, Ampac

Transitioning to flexible packaging: Design and engineering considerations
• Exploring which traditional packaging formats are the best candidates for replacement and why
• Identifying the convenience features and branding options that will most enhance and impact a positive consumer experience
• Strategies for transition into flexible packaging and adapt your existing traditional packaging methods

Kevin Kelly
, CEO, Emerald Packaging Inc.

B6R&D Cardiovascular Devices & Engineering
11:00 AM

Chair: Karen May-Newman, Ph.D., Professor, Bioengineering Program, Department of Mechanical Engineering, San Diego State University

Design and manufacturing of the new Adroit® guide catheter – A case study in improving performance and maximizing manufacturability
• Examining how utilizing new technology increased product performance and differentiation
• Understanding how improved product performance enables new surgical techniques
• How appropriate feedback systems can dramatically improve manufacturing yields

Dave Mitchell, Manager, Franchise Operations, Cordis, a Johnson & Johnson Company

Biomechanics of the heart following left-ventricular assist device (LVAD) implantation
• Examining how LVADs are providing a medical device alternative to heart transplantation
• Analyzing the biomechanics of tissue and blood clotting to assess risk of complications
• Utilizing CFD and in vitro fluid mechanics simulation to optimize LVAD implantation
• Prediction of thrombus formation in blood-contacting medical devices is essential for design development but current models need further research to advance the field

Karen May-Newman, Ph.D. , Professor, Bioengineering Program, Department of Mechanical Engineering, San Diego State University

Panel discussion: A review of latest cardio device innovations
• Identifying design elements that improve the device’s ease-of-use to optimize physician control and improve patient outcomes
• Exploring technological advances in materials, designs, and technologies
• Understanding why companies active in this space must constantly innovate to stay relevant and to meet new clinical demands

Arthur Calick, Cardiologist, Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center
Kenneth E. Perry, Ph.D., President, ECHOBIO LLC
Rakesh Kumar Ph.D., Vice President of Technology, Specialty Coating Systems
Bijan Nafea, Principal Design Assurance Engineer, Medtronic

C6DesignDesign Advanced Applications of 3D Printing
11:00 AM

Chair: Mark Burhop, Director of 3rd party Ecosystems for Mainstream Engineering, Siemens PLM Software

Exploring new materials and their applications for design and manufacturing
• Developments with new materials for 3D printing: Availability and longevity
• How composite materials are allowing sturdier items to be produced whilst using reduced material volume
• Skipping the prototype phase using materials that can be taken straight to the manufacturing floor

Mark Burhop
, Director of 3rd party Ecosystems for Mainstream Engineering, Siemens PLM Software

The new industrial revolution: additive layer manufacturing and its transition into nanomanufacturing
• Learn more about the rapidly changing, relatively new field of 3-D printing/rapid prototyping/additive manufacturing and how it is being used in Aerospace
• Explore how this technology is used for tooling, assembly fit checks, production, unique applications and first-flight articles
• Detailing the remarkable future of this technology and its transition into nanomanufacturing

Boris Fritz
, Engineer 5- Prod Ops Manufacturing Technology Development, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Applications of desktop 3D printers for rapid prototyping
• Introduction to 12 materials that are readily available now for desktop 3D printing
• Optimal print settings for various materials, what you can and can't do
• Real life case studies and breakthroughs from everyday companies

Erick Wolf, President, Airwolf 3D

A7Design Human Factors & Design
1:00 PM Using Human Factors to Design the User Experience
Learn to produce design solutions that will resonate with your target consumer using human factors and behavior economics. You will learn the tools to develop empathy for your target consumer so that a more meaningful product experience can be designed. This process helps companies to reduce new product risk. You will participate in a powerful workshop that can be repeated at your own company. This presentation will empower you to communicate quickly and clearly to team members from Engineering, Design, Marketing, Finance, Sales and QC.

• Learn to develop products that resonate with consumers.
• Gain insight into the power of empathy.
• Develop skills to implement a UX workshop at your office.
• Gain insight into UX design, human factors and behavior economics.

Shelley Takahashi, Industrial Design Consultant, Art Institute of California
Mark Capper, President, Kompas Strategy

B7R&D Medical Apps & Mobile Monitoring
1:00 PM

Chair: Shiv Gaglani, Founder, MED Gadget

Opportunities and challenges for wearable and monitoring technologies in medical applications
• Describing the trends in digital health, the consumer demand for a more integrated healthcare system and how monitoring devices are growing health awareness
• Providing insight into what mobile and wearable devices mean for healthcare in terms of patient engagement and outcomes
• Understanding practitioner attitudes towards mobile monitoring and their use cases in clinical practice
• Examples of mobile health and wearable technology in medical applications

Shiv Gaglani, Founder, MED Gadget

Virtual humans and avatars as personal agents for healthcare in the palm of your hand
• Miniaturized Medical Devices, Wearable Sensors, Consumer Experience, and Patient Engagement
• On Chip vs. Off Chip Design & Architecture
• Virtual Humans and Avatars
• Qualcomm Medical Tricorder X Prize Competition
• Mobile Wireless Medical Tricorder: “SMART McCoy”

Babak Esmaeli-Azad, Ph.D., Founder, CiBots Inc.

I Take Your pulse- Is this where we want to go?
  • Mobile devices, which disease deserves to be assessed first
  • Wireless security, the single set data transfer and on board analysis- why encrypt?
  • A look at the security and moral issues we face surrounding wireless medical and sub-medical data transfer
  • I want to ask you if where you think we are going is where we should be heading?

Ben Bacon, Chief Executive Officer, yu-scan Ltd

C7Automation Motors and Motion Control
1:00 PM

Chair: Corey Morton, Director Technology Solutions, B & R Industrial Automation

Maximizing motion control technology on the factory floor
There are a number of new technologies that can help machine builders and manufactures improve the performance, operating efficiency, and maintainability of their motion control systems. In this session, we will explore these technologies and how they can be incorporated into a modular machine design.
• Explore effective selection based on the needs of the application
• Discover new technologies available to improve the performance and operating efficiency of production machines
• A look at what new technologies drive these systems including; pneumatic, hydraulic, or electromechanical actuation
• A detailed look into the physical forms of controllers

Dan Jones, Principal, Motion Control Engineering

Animating the machine and cutting machine down time
• Developments in animation screens that will allow you to access the problem area quicker
• New technologies that are improving the performance and operating efficiency; moving from mechanical to software
• Understanding how software is revolutionizing manufacturers interactions with modular design
• Updating your software to use your current machine more efficiently

Corey Morton, Director Technology Solutions, B&R Industrial Automation

A8Design Designing Reusable & Recyclable Packaging
3:00 PM

Chair: Jim Hanna, Director, Environmental Impact, Starbucks

How to use the latest sustainable materials in your packaging concepts
• Analyzing the true customer view and knowledge of green packaging and how to maximize your return on investment in recyclable materials
• Investigating how packaging companies are balancing sustainability & profitability
• Examining how a package design can be optimized for compatibility with current recycling technology and might offer opportunities for other products

Jim Hanna, Director, Environmental Impact, Starbucks

Sustainability considerations for the entire product packaging lifecycle and beyond
• Formulating how to think about package development using cradle-to-cradle over cradle-to-grave
• Reviewing the latest strategies in Eco-friendly packaging and packaging made from a high percent of post-consumer waste
• Improving packaging and process performance throughout material sourcing, design, manufacturing, transport and disposal
• Showcasing effective use of reused and recycled packaging materials.

Julie Corbett, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Ecologic Brands

Superior packaging from responsibly sourced plant or renewable materials: Certification and traceability
• Emerging sustainability issues in renewable materials
• Responsible sourcing and the process of certification

Neil Darin, Senior Global Innovation Program Manager, HAVI Global Solutions

B8 Incorporating a User-centered Approach to Drive Effective Innovation Strategies
3:00 PM

Chair: Craig Scherer, Senior Partner and Co-Founder, Insight Product Development
Board Member, Insight Accelerator Labs

Understanding and applying user-centered design principles in product development

  • What user-centered design really means and how it sets the foundation for both incremental improvement AND disruptive innovation
  • How to effectively understand and manage the tradeoffs between burdening the user vs. burdening the device
  • The role of human factors engineering both inside and outside of an FDA/HE75 centric human factors plan

Ed Geiselhart, Director of Innovation and User Experience, Insight Product Development

Applying User-centered design learnings to real world situations

  • Lessons learned: case study review of both successes and challenges
  • Hands on workshop: working with a team to develop user centered project solutions
  • Presentation of workshop outputs and Q&A

Craig Scherer, Senior Partner and Co-Founder, Insight Product Development, Board Member, Insight Accelerator Labs

C8Automation The Robot & Human Workforce
3:00 PM

A workshop session to help you plan your future workforce – making the most of new robotic applications. However there are many things to consider when making this transition, from clean rooms to heavy material handling this session will cover it all.

• Reviewing where robots can replace humans in the production line for productivity
• Exploring opportunities in clean rooms, dangerous situations, heavy material handling etc…
• How to balance costs, safety and efficiency

When to use Robots and when to use Operators

Juan Cardenas , VP of Applications Engineering, Caid Automation
Bishop-Wisecarver Group

People and Robots In Manufacturing

This session will cover the business case for using robots and dissecting the business case into a use model.
• Explore where the robots are, and where they aren't
• Discuss typical robot tasks and safety concerns with robots on task
• Discover the difficulties of getting robots on line; training the humans, line setup, keeping them going

Bob Kay, President, Elite Engineering Corp

DAY 3 - Thursday, February 13th
A9Automation Technological Advances in Vision Precision
9:00 AM This session will explore the new developments in vision precision and detail the complexity that accompanies these developments this includes; dimensional measurement, end gripping and grasping. The future of new vision technology is unfolding rapidly and this workshop will open up how this technology will improve accuracy within a thousandth of an inch.

• Demonstrating how machine vision systems offer improved accuracy and high consistency
• Integrating line scan cameras in a system that can be combined with a robotic arm
• How are robotic companies making products that are more accurate?
• Determining the importance of vision systems and their ability to validate bar codes

Steve Kinney, Technical Director, JAI Inc.
David Dechow, Staff Engineer - Intelligent Robotics/Machine Vision, FANUC America Corporation

Applications of machine vision for verification

  • A review of machine vision smart cameras for in-line verification and grading of 1D and 2D bar codes
  • Understanding validation and format checking of autoid and Human Readable label content using machine vision
  • Identifying new machine vision tools for mistake proofing packaging and package labels
Jonathan Ludlow, Machine Vision Promoter, Microscan Systems Inc.

B9R&D New Capabilities of Bioresorbable Polymers
9:00 AM

Chair: Kurt (Chip) Breitenkamp, Ph.D., Managing Scientist, Polymer Science and Materials Chemistry, Exponent, Inc.

Ways to increase the strength of bioresorbable polymers with processing technologies

• Toughening PLA with reactive blending technologies
• Reinforcing PLA with micro-phase and molecular orientation
• Characterization of degradation in vitro and in vivo
• Biological reactions of tissues to the reinforced PLA

SuPing Lyu, Senior Principal Scientist, Medtronic Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management

Tailoring polymer properties and biomedical degradation characteristics to device function

• Analysis of polymer breakdown process and new enzymatically degraded polymers
• Bioresorbable material testing: Ensuring material safety and effectiveness
• A review of recent advances in biomaterials and testing methods
• Understanding testing and regulatory requirements for biomaterials and medical devices
• Ensuring the proper systems are in place to track flaws in materials and prevent potential recalls

Kurt (Chip) Breitenkamp, Ph.D., Managing Scientist, Polymer Science and Materials Chemistry, Exponent, Inc.

Bioresorbable material testing: Ensuring material safety and effectiveness

• A review of recent advances in biomaterials and testing methods
• Understanding testing and regulatory requirements for biomaterials and medical devices
• Establishing the criteria and test methods for material characterization and to verify the biocompatibility of bioresorbable materials, chemicals and pharmaceutical agents
• Ensuring the proper systems are in place to track flaws in materials and prevent potential recalls

Jeffrey P. Rouleau, Ph.D., Technical Fellow and Materials Director, Medtronic Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management


Breaking the Rules! Design Ideation & Innovation for Engineers

11:00 AM

Many organizations use a traditional brainstorming approach to identify innovative opportunities for their product, service or business. Teams undertaking these ambitious efforts can quickly get stuck in the brainstorming process, resulting in a narrow range of ideas or solutions. Join us for this hands-on workshop that will show you how to "break the rules" of traditional brainstorming approaches and open up creative, innovative thinking.

Takeaways include:
• Practical examples that demonstrate creative ideation techniques
• A means to identify new innovation opportunities for your business
• Tools to help your organization get “unstuck” in the innovation process

Jessica Urban, Director - Program Management, Stratos Product Development
Don Baumgarten
, Project Manager, Stratos Product Development

B10Automation New Technologies to Modernize the Factory Floor
11:00 AM

Integrating wireless to optimize automation on the factory floor
This session will expose the process automation engineer to the different equipment manufacturers of wireless process instrument technology such as Wireless HART. Different applications will be covered such as the usage in moveable vessels/work stations showing the flexibility of a wireless application. Wireless technology has not been rampantly employed due to security issues such as wireless signals not being secure and the possibility of electromagnetic interference with critical stations in a plant. These issues have been resolved and it is time to employ wireless technology into your existing plants and new ones.

• Heighten mobility on the factory floor and increase management flexibility using wireless systems
• Discover how a wireless system can cohabitate with the existing wired infrastructure
• Explore security issues and how those issue are being tackled

Paul Selzer
, Principal Calibration Engineer, Baxter Bioscience

A11Automation Practical Applications of Light Weight Robotics
1:00 PM

Chair: Scott Melton, Regional Sales Manager, Fanuc America West

Robotic Gripping: What is the Future?

• Discover what is the perfect gripper for your application to increase efficiency
• Uncovering the industry needs and the current state of the art of end gripping
• Explore the future of end gripping and opportunities for your factory floor

Ingo Ruppert, Regional Sales Manager for Clamping Technology and Gripping Systems, Schunk

Evaluating robotics Solutions for manufacturing - Where will robotics take us?

• Assessing the state of the robotics industry and how the technology is being used today
• Examining robotic technology developments that will impact manufacturing
• How can you make more informed buying decisions when purchasing your robotics equipment?
• Comparing strategies for reducing time to market during the implementation phase
• An assessment of current market opportunities and the global manufacturing landscape for robotics – what industries are seeing the greatest success?
• Comparing an array of robotic technologies geared to help manufacturers design highly flexible and intelligent automation lines

Scott Melton, Regional Sales Manager, Fanuc America West

B11Automation Packaging Line Optimization
1:00 PM

Chair- George P. Lastra, Packaging Consultant, PMC Packaging Machinery Central

Strategies for equipment and operational performance in packaging

New pieces of technology are making packaging systems more flexible and efficient than ever before. This session will explore the new technologies that can be utilized to optimize machines and the supporting infrastructure behind todays packaging and manufacturing systems.

  • Identifying new technologies that deliver greater flexibility, uptime and consistency in packaging
  • Assessing multiple approaches for enhancing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Understanding data gathering and energy savings in industrial systems and machinery design
  • Streamlining small scale package systems with semi-automatic systems and automatic processes
Corey Morton, Director of Technology Solutions, B&R Automation
Sari Germanos, Technology Marketing Manager, Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group

Improving stability and return on invested capital in operating environments

• Application of Lean Finance & 'Zero-Based' analysis techniques
• Maximizing value from Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) automation for quality and cost
• Establishing system reliability via Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Tom Gentle, Director of Lean Enterprise, Pharmavite

Agenda Key:
Design Design
Automation Automation
Design Manufacturing

Industry Key:
Automation & Manufacturing

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