Post-Show Promotion

An opportunity to tell us what you think
As part of our ongoing efforts to increase exhibitor exposure and highlight the vitality of the event, we have a novelty: the ‘Testimonials' section of the show website. This section will highlight the strengths of the show to prospective attendees while providing its participants with continuous post-show exposure.


I hereby invite you to take part in this ‘Testimonials' section. This is an exclusive no-cost opportunity for you as an exhibitor. Please fill out the form below, preferably with your company logo, by no later than Tuesday 19th April 2011 and send to: [email protected].


Below are the specifications and components of our testimonial feature. To increase the chances that your testimonial is used, please provide the requested information in the correct format. Please email all information to: [email protected].


• Company Contact Information: Provide your name, title, contact information below
• Company Logo: .jpg files at least 72dpi, RGB format, no smaller than 2”x 2”
• Quote: Provide a quote detailing your positive experience at the show. This quote will be used on the website and possibly in brochures and other advertising. You may want to describe quality and quantity of attendees and leads, sales made and your overall experience at the show

Fill out the contact information below and email this information no later than Tuesday 19th April 2011 to: [email protected].


Job Title:
Quote: (Average 5 lines)


By sending a testimonial, and for good and valuable consideration, you grant UBM Canon the world-wide right to publish your name and approved quote, in context, in various publications, including in the press and in our sales, advertising and marketing materials, including on our internet site. The quote will be attributed to your name.


Please contact Lisa Miller via email at [email protected] for further details.