Design & Manufacturing South 2013 | March 6-7, 2013 | Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

Product Previews

Acuity-vct Inc.

Booth 835

Acuity-vct will have a live demonstration of the Video Capture System (VCS). The VCS has been successfully installed in manufacturing plants throughout North America, generating significant savings in increased production, improved quality and reduced maintenance delays and costs.

Link production and quality data to the video and you'll be able to see how any product was produced, one day or week later.

Stop by the Acuity-vct booth and you'll see how the VCS can improve the efficiency of your plant with the VCS video troubleshooting tool.

Bleck Design Group

Booth 621

Bleck Design Group is an award-winning product design and development firm. The company has 30 years of experience creating successful products for medical device, business equipment, consumer electronic and industrial companies.

Bleck Design Group's industrial design and engineering team transforms complex technology into attractive, ergonomic, and profitable products.

Stop by to meet Jim Bleck, see the quality of our work and learn about our product design and development capabilities.

J.D. Neuhaus LP

Booth 604

The JDN Mini air hoist from 275 lbs to 1 ton capacity and up to 26 ft lift - small in size and high in performance, proven in heavy-duty industrial applications. Wear resistant breaking system, rugged lightweight aluminum housing, easy to handle, precise variable lifting and lower speed, easy operation and low maintenance, very low headroom, includes chain container. By placing control at the hook the mini Manipulator brings an unprecedented degree of convenience and precision control to light duty applications - aircraft, automotive, chemical, rigging, maintenance, machine shops, general manufacturing and more. In stock and ready to ship!

Mahr Federal Inc.

Booth 1209

With the introduction of the MarSurf® XR 1 Surface Measuring System, Mahr has bridged the gap between portable surface measuring devices and larger, full-featured, PC-based surface measurement and evaluation systems. The MarSurf XR 1 combines the skidded and skidless drive units of Mahr's portable M-Series instruments, with its industry leading MarWin evaluation software. The new XR 1 provides an affordable entry into the world of modern, PC-based measurement and evaluation systems, including compliance with all International Standards, diverse evaluation methods, extensive documentation, large storage capacity, data export and import, wireless Bluetooth technology, as well as networking and other benefits.

National Manufacturing Company Inc.

Booth 628

As an ISO 9001, 13485, and AS9100 certified company, National Manufacturing Company Inc. specializes in the precision deep-drawn needs of the aerospace, medical, battery, electronics and satellite industries worldwide. The company deep draws precision components in every drawable material, including ferrous and nonferrous, titanium, Hasteloy, nickel, Kovar, Inconel, Mumetal, Monel, and tantalum. National designs and builds its own high-grade tooling to ensure precision tolerances and consistent part quality. National will incorporate their existing tooling library to meet your project needs and produce economically high quality enclosures.

Silverhawk Solutions

Booth 626

Silverhawk is demonstrating how Edgecam Software's revolutionary Waveform Roughing Strategy maximizes material removal rates while prolonging both tool and machine tool life. It produces rough milling toolpaths that deliver shorter cycle times, greater tool life, better surface finish, and are kinder to machine tools.

Waveform creates toolpaths which, when viewed from above, the distance between the roughing passes - also known as stepover - varies. This variation allows the actual width of cut to stay the same and at the optimum level, meaning the spikes are removed. Chip load stays constant, and the depth of cut employs the cutter's entire flute length.

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