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Presenting the Best Contract Manufacturers

With hundreds of exhibiting companies on-hand, we're making it easier for you to find, compare, and receive quotes from contract manufacturers with expertise in a wide range of industries, including; aerospace, defense, computer, semiconductor, energy, medical, food manufacturing, personal care, and automotive.

Whether you are a small company looking to expand, or a large company looking for new market opportunities, the right contract manufacturer can be your best partner for success.


Benefits to Sourcing at Contract Manufacturing Expo

  • Collaboration – Finding the right company to partner with can shorten your product cycle, increase product quality, and enhance speed to market.
  • Cost Savings – Quickly and efficiently receive quotes and make decisions from hundreds of exhibiting companies.
  • Expertise – Whether you are working with just one company or collaborating with several, you'll meet face-to-face with engineers on site for real-time solutions, so bring your plans and samples to make the most of your time.
  • Resources – Contract manufacturers build their businesses on creating and maintaining strong relationships with raw material suppliers, a practice that will help you build a better final product.
  • Quality – By ensuring quality at a parts and materials level, your project will have the benefit of multiple quality checks to ensure extra protection for your end product.

Plan TODAY to visit the exhibiting companies at Contract Manufacturing Expo (part of Design & Manufacturing Montréal) and tap into the wealth of skills contract manufacturing companies bring to the table.