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Session 2 Roundtable: Exchanges between Industrial Representatives, Contract R&D Organisations and the Day’s Speakers



Faraj Abdelnour, President of ACIDIM, Senior Consultant Europe, Quintiles Consulting








Dr. Yves Th. Tillet, CEO, WHITE-TILLET Consultants & Experts


Yves Th. Tillet is pharmacist, graduate of physiology and biochemistry, of the Business Administration Institute, and of Marketing and Strategy from the Centre for Higher Education. Yves Th. Tillet began his professional career in the field of hospital biology and clinical pharmacy. In 1983, he was shareholder and general manager of a consulting firm specialising in "in and out" Registration and Licensing of drugs in Europe (IDD). In 1985, he created and directed a services company specialising in Clinical Trials and Biostatistics (Clinica & Statistica). During this period, he organised a number of international seminars on the development of drugs and clinical methodology in collaboration with recognised experts (Dr Bernard AVOUAC, Pr Gilles BOUVENOT). In 1994, Yves Th. Tillet and Marie D. White created the Cabinet WHITE-TILLET providing expertise and experience in the field of Consulting and Assistance in Quality, Development, Evaluation and Regulation of health products: Drugs, Biologics, Cell and Gene Therapy, Human Tissue Engineered Products (hTEPs), Natural Products, Biomaterials, Medical Devices, Drug/Device Combinations, medical-related Cosmetics and Food Supplements.

The Cabinet WHITE-TILLET also assists clients with legal, regulatory and economic affairs with competent national health administrations or registration agencies in Europe. Yves Th. Tillet is a member of the Scientific Council of the Medical Care System and provides expertise to several official organisations in France, among which are the Centre of Medical Technologies of Saint-Etienne and APPAMED. He teaches quality, development and regulation of drugs, medical devices and product combinations in Université de Cergy Pontoise and Faculté de Pharmacie de Lille. He manages the working group of medical devices and products combinations in AFAR (Association Française des Affaires Réglementaires).

Yves Th. Tillet currently assists researchers as well as pharmaceutical or biotech companies in development and regulation from raw materials to reimbursement products process.





Case study from a pharmaceutical company (10’)

Speaker coming







Case study from a medical company (10’)

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Experience from a contract R&D Organisation (10’)

Prof. Dr. Markus Veit, CEO, i.DRAS GmbH








Panel Discussion with:

Faraj Abdelnour (ACIDIM, Quintiles)

Dr. Yves Th. Tillet (WHITE-TILLET Consultants & Experts)
Stephane Palies (AFSSAPS)
Elizabeth Baker (MHRA)
Dr. Thierry Thomas (LNE G-Med)
Theresa Jeary (BSI Healthcare)
Dr. Wilma Hartung (TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH)



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