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MDEA Supplier Program Overview

MDEA Supplier Logo

The manufacturers of finalist and winning products in the Medical Design Excellence Awards competition often owe a large part of their success to the suppliers and designers who expertly assisted them along their development path.

The MDEA competition acknowledges the contributions of such suppliers through an adjunct program designed especially to honor the companies that provide goods, services, and support to MDEA-finalist and MDEA-winning products. These companies are among the best in a wide-ranging vendor community—including design firms, materials suppliers, component manufacturers, and consulting firms—all of whose efforts play a vital role in enabling medical device manufacturers to produce award-winning products. In fact, without the help of such outsourcing firms, many innovative products might never come to fruition.

Each year, the MDEA Supplier Program recognizes dozens of suppliers whose contributions were instrumental to the development of award-winning products. In keeping with the global scope of the medical device industry, many such supplier companies are from outside the United States.

Many of the design and supply firms recognized for their contributions to MDEA-finalist or MDEA-winning products exhibit at Medical Design & Manufacturing events and display the “MDEA Supplier to a Finalist” or “MDEA Supplier to a Winner” logos at their booths. For medical product manufacturers, these exclusive logos can be a very useful tool, helping them to identify suppliers that have experience in the design and development of medical products. And because of this award-winning connection, manufacturers can also feel assured that the supplier can be an asset to their own product development team.

To be eligible for recognition as part of the MDEA Supplier Program, supplier names and their contact information must be included in the completed Entry Form prior to the commencement of judging. The "Supplier to an MDEA Finalist" or "Supplier to an MDEA Winner" honors are restricted to companies that have been cited in the entry materials for their contributions to a finalist or winning products.

Rules Applicable to Suppliers to MDEA Finalists and Winners
By being named as a supplier company to an entry in the awards competition, you agree that if your company is honored as a “Supplier to an MDEA Finalist” or a “Supplier to an MDEA Winner”, you will comply with the following terms described in the “Rules Applicable to Suppliers to MDEA Finalists and Winners” section of this website.

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