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B. Braun Compounding System That Improves Patient Safety, Product Delivery Honored With Prestigious National Design Award
Third Award in Six Years

Bethlehem, PA (April 9, 2007) - B. Braun Medical Inc. (, a global leader in innovative healthcare products and services, announced today it has won a 2007 Medical Device Excellence Award (MDEA), the medical device industry's equivalent of an Oscar or Grammy. The award goes to the PINNACLE™ TPN Management System, a medical device that improves patient safety and compounding efficiency when pharmacies compound intravenous (IV) formulations.

One of only 10 medical devices honored nationwide, B. Braun's PINNACLE TPN Management System represents a major advance in compounding technology. Engineers at B. Braun's Carrollton, Tex. and Irvine Calif., facilities contributed significantly to the design and development of the breakthrough product.

Used for pharmacy admixture, The PINNACLE system controls the precise, individualized creation of IV formulations using dextrose, amino acids, electrolytes and lipids for patients unable to tolerate oral intake of nutrients or who rely on tube feeding for sustenance. The built-in safety features help ensure that the right nutrition solution reaches the right patient.

The PINNACLE system's introduction coincides with increasing compounding demands by healthcare systems. Preparing items for nutrition support is a problem-prone and high-risk activity regardless of the size of the hospital. Pharmacists face a higher volume of work orders than in previous years. National guidelines require compounding environment sterility and documentation of all compounding activities. And until now, technology had not advanced rapidly enough to keep pace.

"PINNACLE provides a high level of efficiency, accuracy and safety—from order entry to infusion, from physician to pharmacist to patient," said Rob Albert, Vice President, U.S. Pharma Marketing. "The ordering and preparation of TPN solutions is one of the most difficult and complex tasks a pharmacy may become involved with. It can involve several patient-specific parameters and require six to 16 different component solutions. The PINNACLE System organizes these tasks and presents them in a simple, user-friendly way."

A remarkably engineered solution

The PINNACLE TPN Management System is unlike any compounder available today because it is a system, not only a device. It streamlines all functional areas of operation and manages all aspects of the TPN (Total Parental Nutrition) process for improved efficiency, safety and patient care.

For example:

TPN Manager, the system's TPN calculating software, assists clinicians in assessing the nutritional needs of the patient. It creates a customized nutritional order that can be electronically entered via a standalone computer, networked or internet-based information system.

Upon pharmacy receipt, the order can be reviewed by authorized pharmacists for completeness and accuracy. Customizable alerts and safety checks are in place in TPN Manager to assist pharmacists with error checking, such as the incorporation of Trissel's™ Ca/P Safety Check Software.

Once approved, orders can be electronically transmitted to the PINNACLE Compounder to help eliminate manual programming errors and improve compounding efficiency. Additionally, bar code-driven admixture helps ensure accuracy of each patient's order compounded in the pharmacy.

The infusion pump used to administer the TPN medication can be programmed by scanning the bar coded final container label, thus eliminating the need for manual programming of the infusion pump.

"True innovation enhances safety and function without increasing complexity," said Albert. "B. Braun's open exchange of information with clinicians has helped develop innovative nutritional products, the first crystalline amino acid injection, and TrophAmine®, the leading pediatric amino acid injection. The PINNACLE TPN Management System supports a full line of nutrition solutions and expands a B. Braun product portfolio that delivers ideal solutions for patients and hospitals."

B. Braun indicated that Arizona Medical Devices, LLC ( was integral to the development of the PINNACLE TPN Management System.

B. Braun's 2007 MDEA marks the third time in six years that the Germany-based company has garnered the prestigious award for a product designed to improve the safety with which medical care is delivered. B. Braun won a 2002 MDEA for the DUPLEX® Drug Delivery System, a multi-compartment, plastic IV container that simplifies mixing of diluent and drug powder through an ingenious set of peelable seals that significantly reduce potential for medication errors and help optimize drug potency. And it garnered a 2003 MDEA for the revolutionary Introcan Safety® IV Catheter, which automatically engages a safety clip to cover the needlepoint and help prevent inadvertent needlesticks.

About MDEA

The Medical Design Excellence Awards competition is organized and presented by Canon Communications LLC, Los Angeles, and is the only awards program that exclusively recognizes contributions and advances in the design of medical products. Entries are evaluated on their design and engineering features, including innovative use of materials, user-related functions that improve healthcare delivery and change traditional medical attitudes or practices, features that provide enhanced benefits to the patient, and the ability of the product development team to overcome design and engineering challenges so that the product meets its clinical objectives. A comprehensive review of the entries was performed by an impartial, multidisciplinary panel of third-party jurors with expertise in biomedical engineering, human factors, industrial design, medicine, and diagnostics.