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Rachel Loya
KRT Marketing for Zap Lasers


Zap Laser’s Styla MicroLaser Wins 2009 Medical Design Excellence Award
Dentistry’s First Microlaser Honored for Revolutionary Design And Breakthrough Technology

PLEASANT HILL, Calif., April 7, 2009– Today, industry leader Zap Lasers announced that its Styla MicroLaser was selected one of the year’s best-designed medical devices and is the winner of a 2009 Medical Design Excellence Award. Dentistry’s first microlaser, Styla boasts a revolutionary compact and wire-free design, which was judged as one of the year’s best by an independent, multidisciplinary panel, with expertise in biomedical engineering, human factors, industrial design, medicine and diagnostics before being awarded the honor. 

“The thought that a pen-sized, wire-free, portable microlaser would be performing soft-tissue laser procedures in dentists’ offices seemed unreal as little as a year ago, but, in fact, our work on Styla began long before then,” noted Zap Vice President Sales and Marketing Alex Di Sessa. “Styla is the result of more than two years of precise design and engineering. Zap is honored to have these efforts recognized by the Medical Design Excellence Awards, and proud to have delivered a revolutionary tool that allows dental professionals to provide their patients the highest standard of care.”

Since its introduction in May 2008, Styla has quickly become one of dentistry’s most sought after technologies. Only 6.9 inches long and 1.9 ounces, 20 times lighter than any other soft-tissue laser on the market today, Styla shatters perceptions about dental lasers being cumbersome or complicated to use. Approved by the FDA to perform more than 25 soft-tissue laser procedures, Styla’s diode laser technology means patients require minimum anesthetic during surgery, and experience faster healing times than traditional dentistry patients.
In addition to eight pre-set procedures and 2.0 watts of power, Styla’s innovative features include:

  • Lightweight Aluminum Body: Tough and functional, yet lightweight and ergonomically balanced, Styla’s main body remains comfortable in doctor’s hands, even after extended use.
  • Disposable Tips:  Ready-to-use straight from the box, Styla’s tips are pre-threaded with fiber and use a custom-designed magnetic system to perfectly align and secure themselves to the microlaser.
  • Intelligent Gravity Sensor: Automatically detects Styla’s orientation and adjusts the display to be read from any angle.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries: Custom-engineered, one charge has enough power for 15 procedures. Fully charged, stand-by time is more than eight hours.
  • Wireless Foot Pedal:  Uses advanced wireless technology to securely communicate with Styla.

Award-winning Styla will have the opportunity to garner more accolades on June 10, when it is honored alongside other MDEA winners at an award ceremony during the Medical Design & Manufacturing East Conference in New York. At this event, gold and silver MDEA award designations will be announced, noting best-of-the-best among the MDEA honorees.
For more information on Styla and Zap’s industry-leading family of soft-tissue lasers visit, or call 1-888-876-4546.

About Zap Lasers

Based in Pleasant Hill, Calif., Zap Lasers is a dental technology company that develops, manufactures and markets lasers and laser accessories for improved applications and procedures in dentistry. Its line of industry-leading soft tissue lasers includes Styla MicroLaser™ and StylaOrtho™, the industry’s first microlasers for soft tissue use; SoftLase Pro™, widely recognized as one of the most affordable dental diode lasers on the market; and OrthoLase™, the industry’s first diode laser specially designed for orthodontists.  For more information, or to see Zap’s complete line of dental lasers, visit

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