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MDEA winner improves usability impacts clinical decisions for patients with bacterial infections
Flashing lights, thoughtful design, smaller footprint = next generation BD BACTEC FX

Philadelphia, PA – April 11, 2009-- Bresslergroup, an award-winning product development firm, worked with BD to design the next generation of a critical hospital laboratory system. The BD BACTEC FX Blood Culture System is used by technicians in hospital labs for the detection of patient bloodstream infections.

While BD’s BACTEC blood analysis system had been an industry standard for nearly two decades, BD selected Bresslergroup to develop a 21st century version of the device. Bresslergroup conducted multi-dimensional user research that included laboratory site visits, human factors analysis and prototype usability validation. Lab-based observations and interviews with technicians using legacy and competitive products were conducted, and several new configurations were tested. 

Three key needs were identified: improve the user experience, including the ergonomics of loading and unloading the blood specimens; enhance the lighting and visual cues for identifying detected positives more rapidly; and streamline the overall size while not decreasing the 400 vile capacity of the equipment. Since labs are extremely crowded environments, the new BACTEC would have to both fit in (spatially) and stand out (visually).

The resulting design breaks new ground with significant design improvements that address usability and workflow. Most dramatically, critical results feedback is displayed by the unmistakable ring of status indicator lights These LED lights can  be seen quickly by hospital personnel, even across a crowded lab.  From the exterior ring of lights, a red light indicates a positive test which could mean a serious bacterial infection. The flashing red light leads the lab technician to the proper rack inside. Here, another red light identifies the problematic blood sample. The user experience is simple, intuitive and actionable. ”The lighting sequence takes the user through the process and helps speed workflow and minimize error. When every second counts, this new BACTEC FX improves throughput and efficiency.” says Mathieu Turpault, \design director at Bresslergroup.

Ergonomically, the twin vertical drawer approach allows increased vial capacity while improving the technician’s ability to reach high and low vials. Bresslergroup’s human factors research led to a vertical stack design that is easily accessible to personnel with heights ranging from the 5% female to the 90% male. On-board scanners enable easy, one-handed sample login and registration.  And, the new BACTEC FX System offers a 400-vial capacity in a highly compact 24-inch linear space: a 50% reduction in overall size from the earlier model. Additionally, the system enables remote observation of blood culture data  through integration with the BD EpiCenter Microbiology Data Management System. All the information is available by e-mail, text messaging or fax. The BD BACTEC FX improves ergonomics, safety and efficiency for the laboratory technician, while reducing the time for actionable results to the healthcare provider and patient.

About Bresslergroup Inc.
Based in Philadelphia, Bresslergroup develops innovative product and user interface solutions via integrated user research, industrial design and production engineering. The consultancy serves consumer, medical, office and industrial goods manufacturers. Since its founding in 1970, Bresslergroup has won more than 80 major design awards including Appliance Design, IDEA and iF Hanover. Bresslergroup has also authored more than 100 patents. For more information, please visit .

About BD
BD is a leading global medical technology company that manufactures and sells medical devices, instrument systems and reagents, is dedicated to improving people’s health throughout the world. BD is focused on improving drug therapy, enhancing the quality and speed of diagnosing infectious diseases, and advancing research and discovery of new drugs and vaccines. The Company’s capabilities are instrumental in combating many of the world’s most pressing diseases. Founded in 1897 and headquartered in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, BD employs approximately 28,000 people in approximately 50 countries throughout the world. The Company serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, industry and the general public. For more information, please visit .

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