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The MDEA Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Each year, the UBM Canon Medical Content Team and the MD+DI Editorial Advisory Board will select an industry pioneer to receive the MDEA Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of the crucial role that they have played in medical device innovation. This award goes to an individual whose contributions over a long career in the medtech industry have had a significant and demonstrable impact on technological, business, and cultural advancements in the world.

Dean Kamen, Founder, DEKA Research & Development Corp.
2014 MDEA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Dean KamenKamen is an inventor, an entrepreneur, and a tireless advocate for science and technology. He holds more than 440 U.S. and foreign patents, many of them for innovative medical devices that have expanded the frontiers of health care worldwide. Kamen invented the first wearable infusion pump and the first wearable insulin pump for diabetics. Some of the many devices he's worked on include the HomeChoice™ peritoneal dialysis system, Hydroflex™ surgical irrigation pump, the Crown™ stent, the iBOT™ mobility device, and the Segway® Human Transporter. Kamen was awarded the National Medal of Technology, the Lemelson-MIT Prize, and has been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Kamen founded DEKA Research & Development Corporation to develop internally generated inventions as well as to provide research and development for major corporate clients. DEKA Research’s robotic prosthetic arm was recently approved by FDA. In addition to DEKA, one of Dean’s proudest accomplishments is founding FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), an organization dedicated to motivating high-school-aged participants to understand, use and enjoy science and technology. Studies have shown that FIRST Alumni are highly motivated to pursue careers in science and engineering, thus fulfi lling Dean’s goal of inspiring the next generation of technological leaders

Dr. Robert Langer, David H. Koch Institute Professor, MIT
2013 MDEA Lifetime Achievement Award —Recipient

Dr. Robert LangerLanger's vast accomplishments in the MedTech industry date back more than 40 years. Langer has lectured at MIT since 1977 and also leads the institute's Langer Lab, one of the largest biomedical engineering laboratories in the world. His vast accomplishments include groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in the fields of drug-delivery, tissue engineering, nanotechnology, and personalized medicine.

Langer sat on FDA's SCIENCE board, the agency's highest advisory board, from 1995 to 2002, serving as its Chairman the last four of those years. He was the youngest person ever elected to all three U.S. National Academies and has received 20 honorary degrees from institutions of higher learning around the world. The most cited engineer ever, Langer has written more than 1200 articles and has more than 800 pending and issued patents. He has also helped launch at least 27 start-up companies based on his discoveries and inventions.

Dr. Thomas Fogarty
2012 MDEA Lifetime Achievement Award — Recipient

Dr. Thomas FogartyFogarty's vast accomplishments in the medtech industry date back more than half a century. He has founded or co-founded more than 33 medical companies. Fogarty holds 150 patents on surgical instrumentsamong them is the Fogarty embolectomy catheter, which revolutionized vascular surgery, became the first minimally invasive surgical device, and is still commonly used. Before Fogarty invented this catheter, up to 50% of patients were dying or losing limbs during surgery to remove blood clots. His inventions have saved the lives of millions of people.

Fogarty was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, along-side Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers, and has won countless other awards including the Lemelson-MIT Prize for Invention and Innovation. Fogarty has also published approximately 180 scientific articles and textbook chapters on the topics of general and cardiovascular surgery. He is also a passionate winemaker and owns a vineyard in Woodside, CA.

Alfred E. Mann
2011 MDEA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Alfred E. MannMr. Mann currently serves as Chairman of the Board and CEO of MannKind Corp., a diversified biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel therapeutics and drug delivery technologies for the treatment of diabetes, cancer, autoimmune, and inflammatory diseases.

In 1993, Mr. Mann founded, and still serves as Chairman, of Advanced Bionics Corp., a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of cochlear implants for the restoration of hearing to the deaf. The list of additional companies that Mr. Mann either founded or is involved in include Second Sight, which is developing a visual prosthesis to restore sight to the blind; Implantable Acoustics, which is developing implantable hearing aids; and NeuroSystec, which is exploring drug therapies to treat tinnitus and other audiologic problems.

Mr. Mann is currently Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Alfred Mann Foundation and of the Alfred Mann Institutes at the University of Southern California, Purdue University, and The Technion Institute (Israel). He also serves as a Trustee for the University of Southern California, as a member of the Board of Overseers of the Keck USC School of Medicine, and as the Chairman of the Southern California Biomedical Council, a nonprofit association dedicated to the fostering of the bio-medical industry in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Mr. Mann holds BA and MS degrees in physics from the University of California, and honorary doctorate degrees from the University of Southern California, Johns Hopkins University, Western University, and the Technion Institute (Israel). Mann has also received numerous other honors and awards including: Spirit of Life Award, Larry King Cardiac Foundation (November, 2006); Panelist, White House Forum on Disabilities (2004); and Named One of the 10 Most Influential People on the Tech Coast (LA Times, 1999).

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