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2012 MDEA Jurors

Judging of each year’s MDEA competition is conducted by an impartial panel of jurors—comprised of a balance of clinicians, engineers, and designers—who carefully review all of the submissions and narrow them down to a select group of exceptional products in each of the 10 categories. The jury panel typically encompasses experts from a wide range of healthcare- and design-related fields, including clinical practice, biomedical engineering, human factors, industrial design, manufacturing, and other areas. Recommendations of potential MDEA jurors come from a wide variety of sources, including academic and professional organizations, industry associations, and previous jurors.

Members of the MDEA jury are selected each year by a panel of editors from UBM Canon. Because the editors recognize that the quality of the MDEA program depends on the quality of the jurors selected, they look for individuals who have solid experience in and knowledge of the medical device industry. The jury selection panel equally values the participation of individuals who have demonstrated their concern for the industry and who will add depth and diversity of expertise to the judging process. When considering juror nominees, the editors pay particular attention to the need for a balanced, multidisciplinary, and impartial jury. For this reason, jurors cannot be affiliated with a company that is submitting a product for consideration.

Such independence and impartiality is a leading reason for the industry wide acceptance and success that the MDEA program has enjoyed. MDEA jurors—past and present—have set a high standard for judging excellence and fair competition.

Following are the jurors who will be evaluating entries in the 2012 MDEA competition.

Clay BurnsClay Burns—Mr. Burns is a consultant, engineer, and lecturer who integrates technology, design, and user needs to bring consumer and medical products to life. Clay works with entrepreneurial start-ups focused on building better products for society, such as OMHU, a company designing improved aids for daily living, BioLite Stoves, a company developing a new technology for clean cookstoves, and AKOIO, a company improving the user experience with hearing aids. As Vice President at Smart Design, Clay built innovation engineering and sustainability groups, led key consumer and medical design projects, and started Smart Design’s office in Barcelona. His work and collaborations have received awards from IDEA/IDSA, Good Design, CES, Red Dot, and ID Magazine, and he is a listed inventor on many patents. Clay is an adjunct Professor of Product Design at the Wharton School, and holds a BA in Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College, and an MS in Human Factors from Tufts University.

Clay Burns | Product Development Consultant | Clay Burns Sustainability | 860 West 181 St., Ste. 42 | New York, NY 10033
Phone: 917/535-6032 | E-mail:

Edward ChekanEdward G. Chekan, MD, FACS—Dr. Chekan is a board-certified general surgeon with fellowship training in minimally invasive surgery.  He completed his general surgery residency at Allegheny General Hospital in 1997, and then went on to Duke University for a two year fellowship in minimally invasive surgery.  From Duke, he move to Charlottesville, VA for three years as an Assistant Professor of Surgery at The University of Virginia where he was very active in training of laparoscopic fellows, surgical residents and medical students.  From UVA, he moved to Pittsburgh as a private practice surgeon.  Early in 2007, he joined Ethicon Endo-Surgery in Cincinnati, OH.  His primary responsibilities at EES include creating and delivering lectures on anatomy and procedures for an international sales force.  He is active member within the product development process at EES and functions as a subject matter expert and scientific advisor.  In addition to publishing several journal articles and book chapters on minimally invasive surgery, he has co-edited a textbook entitled The Atlas of Laparoscopic Surgery.  He is a fellow of The American College of Surgeons (FACS) and a member of The Society of Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES), The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons (ASMBS) and The Southeastern Surgical Congress (SESC). 

Edward G. Chekan, MD, FACS | Director, Medical Education | Ethicon Endo-Surgery | 4545 Creek Rd. | Cincinnati, OH 45242
Phone: 513/659-3272; 513/337-8160 | E-mail:;

Edward DuckworthEdward Duckworth, MD, MS—Dr. Duckworth is Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery and Director of Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Neurosurgery at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.  Originally a Floridian, he earned Bachelors degrees in both Neurobiological Sciences and History of Science from the University of Florida, graduating with highest honors and being awarded an Undergraduate Research Achievement Award by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Medical school and residency training in Neurosurgery followed at the University of South Florida in Tampa, under the direction of Dr. David Cahill, a  renowned and pioneering spine surgeon, and Dr. Harry van Loveren, a noted skull base neurosurgery expert.  While in residency, Dr. Duckworth performed an additional 2 years of research on brain ischemia earning him a Master’s degree in neuroscience.

After a fellowship at Northwestern University in Chicago, he served as an Assistant Professor at Loyola University in Chicago before taking his current Directorship in Texas.   In addition to running a busy neurosurgical practice, Dr. Duckworth participates in numerous teaching and research activities.  He has a keen interest in creating safer and more efficient instruments and techniques for use in neurosurgery, currently working to license several innovative device and material designs. 

Edward Duckworth, MD, MS | Director of Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Neurosurgery | Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery | Baylor College of Medicine | 1709 Dryden Rd. Ste. 750 | Houston, TX 77030
Phone: 713/798-4696 | E-mail:

Craig FriedmanCraig D. Friedman, MD, FACS—Dr. Friedman is a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and Biomedical Device Consultant who has been actively involved in the development of medical devices and surgical implant materials for twenty years. In addition to his clinical practice of nasal and facial surgery, Dr. Friedman is currently directing Hesion Biosurgery Inc, a development stage company focusing on minimally invasive soft tissue therapeutics and an affiliate member of the Center for Dermal Research at the New Jersey Biomaterials Center. Prior to this he was actively involved with the formation of Biomerix Corporation and development of its 3-D scaffold technology and a consultant to New York City based venture fund Ascent Biomedical Ventures. In 2009  he was co-editor of the textbook “Essential Tissue Healing of the Face and Neck” published by BC Decker and PMPHUSA which comprehensively covered the intersection of clinical facial surgery/wound healing science/tissue engineering science. Previously, Dr. Friedman was associate professor of surgery and director of craniofacial reconstruction at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia and assistant professor and director of facial plastic surgery at Yale School of Medicine in New Haven CT. He co-founded Osteogenics Corporation which commercialized the first calcium phosphate cement for craniofacial skeletal reconstruction and is currently distributed as ‘BoneSource’. Dr. Friedman graduated with honors in Chemistry from Vanderbilt University Nashville TN and received his MD from The Chicago Medical School and completed post-graduate training at Northwestern University Medical Center Chicago IL. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and American Academy of Otolaryngolgy-Head & Neck Surgery and various medical/scientific professional societies.

Craig D. Friedman, MD, FACS | Facial Plastic Surgeon and Managing Director | Hesion Biosurgery Inc. | 19 Cross Highway | Westport, CT 06880
Phone: 203/349-8828; 866/698-8928 | E-mail:

Jay GoldbergJay R. Goldberg, PhD, PE—Dr. Goldberg is director of the healthcare technologies management program at Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin (Milwaukee). He is also an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and the Lafferty Professor of Engineering. He teaches courses involving design and new product development. His experience includes development of new products in urology, orthopedics, GI, and dentistry. A licensed professional engineer, Dr. Goldberg graduated with a BS in general engineering from the University of Illinois and an MS in bioengineering from the University of Michigan. He has a master’s degree in engineering management and a PhD from Northwestern University. He holds six patents for urological medical devices. He also serves as chairman of the subcommittee on urological devices and materials of the American Society for Testing and Materials. Before moving into academia, Dr. Goldberg was director of technology and quality assurance for Milestone Scientific Inc. (Deerfield, IL), a start-up dental product company, where he was responsible for improvements to a novel computer-controlled dental anesthesia pump. Prior to that, he worked for Surgitek (Racine, WI), Baxter (Deerfield, IL), and DePuy (Warsaw, IN). He is a member of the Biomedical Engineering Society, the National Society of Professional Engineers, and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, and is a consultant to the gastroenterology and urology therapy device panel of FDA’s Medical Device Advisory Committee. He is the co-creator of the Biomedical Engineering Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Award national student design competition and writes a column on design courses for IEEE Pulse Magazine.

Jay R. Goldberg, PhD, PE | Director of the Healthcare Technologies Management Program | Marquette University, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering | P.O. Box 1881 | Milwaukee, WI 53201
Phone: 414/288-6059 | Fax: 414/288-6069 | E-mail:

Balakrishna HaridasBalakrishna Haridas, PhD—Dr. Haridas is a serial medical technology entrepreneur and researcher with nearly 2 decades of experience in research & development of products for minimally invasive surgery, biomaterial scaffolds, wound healing devices, and soft tissue repair and regeneration.   He is currently Co-Director of the Medical Device Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program, & Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati.   He is also President & Founder, Device & Implant Innovations LLC (DII), OH, a specialty scientific & engineering consulting company conducting device and biomaterials R&D projects, and device failure investigations for major medical device companies.  Most recently, Dr. Haridas was Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Biomerix Corporation, CA ( where he led the R&D for several FDA approved products for soft tissue repair and regeneration using its novel reticulated elastomeric biostable polycarbonate-polyurethane (PCPU) and resorbable polyester-polyurethane biomaterial scaffold technologies.   From 2004-2008, Dr. Haridas Founded and served as Director of the National Science Foundation Minimally Invasive Medical Technologies Center (MIMTeC- and was an Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati.  From 1993-2004, Dr. Haridas was a Principal and Managing Partner at Stress Engineering Services Inc. where he founded and ledits Medical Device Technologies R&D consulting practice (  During his career from 1992-2011, Dr. Haridas has raised and directed over $60 Million in funding for product and biomaterials R&D and commercialization from industry, government (NSF/NIH), and venture capital sources.

Haridas is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Hernia Society, and the Society for Biomaterials.   He has served as Associate Editor and Reviewer for the Journal of Biomechanical Engineering Special issue on Medical Device Design, and a Reviewer for the Journal of Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology and Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology.  He also served as a Juror for the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Awards from 2008-2010.   Haridas holds several patents, has published a number of peer-reviewed articles, and has given dozens of conference presentations.  He holds a BE in Civil Engineering from Bangalore University (India), an MS in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Alabama, and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering & Mechano-Biology from the University of Cincinnati.

Balakrishna Haridas, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering & Co-Director, Medical Device Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program | University of Cincinnati | Cincinnati, OH, 45221
President | Device & Implant Innovations LLC | 6627 Shady Oak Lane | Mason, OH 45040
Phone: 513/235-7861 | E-mail:; 

Craig JacksonCraig M. Jackson, PhD—Dr. Jackson is the retired president of Hemosaga Diagnostics Corp., a start-up company in San Diego. He now operates a San Diego–based consulting practice and serves as the Program Director for The Hartwell Foundation, a foundation supporting innovative, high risk research related to diseases of children. Jackson has served as president and director of research and development for Reagents Applications Inc. and as scientific director for the American Red Cross Blood Services (Detroit) where he was also an adjunct professor of biochemistry at Wayne State University. He was a professor of biological chemistry and an associate professor of internal medicine at Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis) prior to joining the American Red Cross. He has been a visiting professor at Kyushu University (Fukuoka, Japan) and the University of Hawaii. Jackson is a member of the editorial advisory board for IVD Technology magazine. He has written more than 75 original papers, contributed to more than 30 textbooks, writes regularly for both professional and trade journals, and holds several patents. He is a member of Working Group 1 of the Joint Committee for Traceability in Laboratory Medicine (JCTLM), an organization founded by the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC), the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM), and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). JCTLM provides the mechanism by which the European Union’s In Vitro Device Directive requirement for traceability can be met. On the JCTLM, Jackson has led the team that has developed the quality system. He served on the USP Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Heparin during the heparin adulteration crisis of 2008-2009. Jackson received a BS degree from Washington State University (Pullman, WA) and a PhD from the University of Washington (Seattle). He is a fellow of the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry (Washington, DC) and also a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (Washington, DC).

Craig M. Jackson, PhD | Consultant for In Vitro Diagnostics, Hemostasis Testing, and Quality Systems for Laboratory Medicine | 5931 Seacrest View Rd. | San Diego, CA 92121-4355
Phone: 858/638-0957 | E-mail:

Stuart KartenStuart Karten—Stuart Karten is the principal of product innovation design firm, Karten Design, founded in 1984 with the goal of “connecting creativity with commerce.” Stuart and his team of researchers, designers and mechanical engineers have produced innovative, award-winning designs in the medical device, consumer electronics, transportation and housewares industries, including more than 50 medical devices. Stuart sees his role as one of a patient advocate, advancing the patient experience by empathizing with users’ fears and frustrations and applying creative problem solving to develop solutions that inspire and empower. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Stuart worked for Gould Medical Products, Mattel, and Baxter Medical Products before founding Karten Design. He is the former chair of the Los Angeles chapter of the Industrial Designer Society of America and currently sits on the advisory board to the USC master’s program in Medical Device and Diagnostic Engineering.  Stuart has been named by Medical Device & Diagnostic Industries magazine as one of 100 Notable People in the industry, and has won more than 100 of the industry’s most important design awards globally, including MDEA, IDEA, Good Design and Red Dot.  In 2008, Karten Design’s design for the Starkey Zon hearing aid for was honored with the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt People’s Design Award.

Stuart Karten | Principal | Karten Design | 4204 Glencoe Ave. | Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Phone: 310/827-8722 | Fax: 310/821-4492 | E-mail:

Kris KieswetterKris Kieswetter, PhD, MBA—Dr. Kieswetter currently serves as the Senior Director for Ideation and Concept Management at Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (KCI) where she is responsible for idea capture, management and assessment of potential development opportunities. During her nearly twenty year career she has been involved in both device and drug product development. Following a post-doctoral fellowship at the Center for the Bone-Biomaterial Interface at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Kieswetter joined OsteoBiologics, Inc., a start-up firm dedicated to the development of biodegradable implants for cartilage and bone repair. She returned to the medical device arena following two years developing topical wound care products at Healthpoint, Ltd. While at KCI she established the Research organization and has participated in the development and launch of multiple products in several divisions. In her unique leadership role for innovation and portfolio development, she has become a proponent of thoroughly understanding the related, yet often differing, needs of clinicians, patients, payors and internal customers on a global basis.

Kieswetter is a member of the Society for Biomaterials, Orthopaedic Research Society, Tissue Engineering Society International and has served on the board of directors of the Wound Healing Society. She has received several patents, published in the fields of biomaterials, orthopaedics and wound healing and recently mentored the first place team in the Free Trade Alliance’s International Business Plan competition. She holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Material Science and Engineering as well as Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, a Master of Science and PhD from Case Western Reserve University and a MBA from the University of Texas (San Antonio).

Kris Kieswetter, PhD, MBA | Senior Director, Ideation & Concept Management | Kinetic Concepts Inc. | 6203 Farinon Dr. | San Antonio, TX 78249
Phone: 210/515-4232 | E-mail:

Bryce RutterBryce G. Rutter, PhD—Dr. Rutter is Founder & CEO of Metaphase Design Group, Inc., and is a specialist in innovation & business strategy and the integration of research, ergonomics and design into new product development. Through his vision Metaphase has ReDefined Ergonomics™ by creating a brand new way to research and design products that work the way people think, feel and behave, and has brought The Dignity Factor™ to the design of healthcare products that have created a new level of comfort, compassion, warmth and humanity, restoring dignity to people of all ages.  His leadership has consistently delivered award-winning, innovative breakthroughs in Design, Ergonomics, Packaging and Research for several of the world’s most prestigious and influential brands including Bayer, Medtronic, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sanofi, Genentech, Biogen, J&J, Sony, Microsoft, LG, Dell, PepsiCo, Coca Cola, P&G, Caterpillar and John Deere, to mention a few.  His company’s designs have earned accolades including a Design of the Decade Award, numerous Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEAs) for the best-designed products internationally from the Industrial Designers Society of America & BusinessWeek, several International Design Excellence Awards, two products included the Museum of Modern Art’s collections and several designs in the Chicago Athenaeum’s Good Design Museum Collection.

Dr. Rutter is a member of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society, the Design Management Institute and IDSA, has been an assistant professor of Industrial Design, published numerous articles on design research, ergonomics and design, and has lectured extensively internationally on design innovation.  He currently serves on the Industrial Design Advisory Panel of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and the Advisory Council of the Design Management Institute. He has served as an invited juror for several international design award programs including the Consumer Electronics Show Awards, the Industrial Design Excellence ID Magazine and Medical Design Excellence Awards.

Dr. Rutter has been profiled, an invited guest and interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, CNN, CTV, IdeaCity,CityTV, The Chicago Tribune, The Ottawa Citizen, The Globe & Mail and Business 2.0. Bryce holds a baccalaureate degree in Industrial Design from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, as well as a Masters degree in Industrial Design and a Ph.D. in Kinesiology, specializing in hand function, from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.  He resides in St. Louis Missouri with his wife and 3 children.

Bryce G. Rutter, PhD | Founder & CEO | Metaphase Design Group Inc. | 12 South Hanley Rd. | Saint Louis, MO 63105
Phone: 314/721-0700 | Fax: 314/721-6499 | E-mail:

Steve WilcoxStephen B. Wilcox, PhD, FIDSA—Dr. Wilcox is a Principal and the founder of Design Science (Philadelphia), a 25-person firm that specializes in optimizing the human interface of products—particularly medical devices. Wilcox is a member of the Industrial Designers Society of America’s (IDSA) Academy of Fellows. He has served as a vice president and member of the IDSA Board of Directors, and for several years was chair of the IDSA Human Factors Professional Interest Section. He also serves on the human engineering committee of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), which has produced the HE 74 and HE 75 Human Factors standards for medical devices. Wilcox holds a BS in psychology and anthropology from Tulane University, a PhD in experimental psychology from Penn State, and a Certificate in Business Administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Wilcox chaired the 2000 “Design Gumbo” IDSA national conference in New Orleans and was co-chair of the Include 09 conference on inclusive design at the Royal College of Art in London. He has won design awards from IDSA and from International Design magazine, including a 2009 Gold IDEA award for research supporting ETHICON ENDO-SURGERY’s Harmonic Focus. He has guest edited the journal Innovation, and has served as a judge for a number of product design awards competitions. He has given many invited addresses to various organizations and has published more than 65 articles in professional journals, including recent articles in Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology (on medical alarms) and the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology (on the new FDA Human Factors Guidance). He also serves on the editorial board of Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry magazine, which included him in its 2004 list of the 100 notable people in the medical device industry. His book, Designing Usability into Medical Products, coauthored with Michael Wiklund, was published in 2005.

Stephen B. Wilcox, PhD, FIDSA | Principal | Design Science Consulting Inc. | 924 Cherry St., 5th Floor | Philadelphia, PA, 19107-2405
Phone: 215/627-4122 | Fax: 215/627-4335 | E-mail:

2012 MDEA Alternate Jurors

Tor AldenTor Alden (alternate juror; inactive for 2012)—Mr. Alden is principal and co-owner of HS Design (HSD), a product development firm specializing primarily in the medical and healthcare marketplace. HSD has built a 40-year record of innovative design leadership, solving complex usability and interface issues for medical devices and instrumentation, high-technology products, and new ventures.  HSD’s focused specialization in medical user research, interface, industrial design, human factors, and mechanical engineering has led to many successful market launches.

As a Principal in HS Design, Alden has expertise in new product development, design research, strategy, project management and new business development. During his more than 20 years in product design and development, Alden has received over 30 patents and several design awards including MDEA, IDEA, CES Innovations and Good Design. Prior to joining HSD, Alden was Vice President at Logic Product Development in Minneapolis, where he directed user research, strategy, and industrial design. Earlier in his career he worked as a Lead Industrial Designer in the global design department at Lucent Technologies' Bell Laboratories.

An active member of the Industrial Designers Society of America, Alden has served as both chair and section chair, most recently as medical section chair. He currently sits on the advisory board of the department of design at Kean University, where he is an adjunct professor.  He has served as a juror for the Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA), CEA Innovations Awards and the Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA).

Alden has been involved in several start-up companies, most recently as an officer of the surgical device company Vesatek, Inc., where he co-developed a novel guidewire manipulation device now in development.   Alden received his Bachelor’s degree in industrial design from Syracuse University and his Master of Science degree in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Tor Alden | Principal | HS Design Inc. | 17 Mendham Rd., PO Box 613 | Gladstone, NJ 07934
Phone: 908/234-2331 | E-mail: | twitter: @toralden

Anne MillerAnne Miller, PhD (inactive for 2012)—Dr. Miller is an Assistant Professor jointly appointed as a researcher to Vanderbilt’s Center for Interdisciplinary Health Workforce Studies, School of Nursing and Centre for Research and Innovation in Systems Safety. Dr Miller was awarded her PhD in the field of psychology (human factors) from The University of Queensland, Australia in 2004. She has a diverse set of skills and prior experience. She worked as an registered and critical care nurse (Australia) in major metropolitan hospitals. She has consulted to multidisciplinary software development teams in industries as diverse as telecommunications, finance, manufacturing and mining, and has led teams in projects aimed at improving the human-technology interaction using human factors approaches. Dr Miller’s current research involves complex healthcare communications related to clinical decision-making and information transfer, handovers and the continuity and coordination of care within and across acute and critical care settings. She has published important papers addressing handovers, health care team coordination, and information design for clinical decision- making.  She continues to provide consulting services in the area of human-technology interaction design in healthcare.

Anne Miller, PhD | Assistant Professor | Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) | 1211 21st Ave. South, Medical Arts Building, Ste. 732 | Nashville, TN 37212
Phone: 615/936-7349 | Fax: 615/936-7373 | Email:

Mark VreekeMark S. Vreeke, PhD (alternate juror; inactive for 2012)—Dr. Vreeke is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Elevate Ventures where his role is the identification and assessment of commercially viable technology suitable for investment by Elevate Ventures. Additionally, he is a senior partner at Rational Systems LLC, a business process and technical consulting firm. Rational Systems provides a consulting service that combines the business knowledge necessary to extract maximum value from a company’s assets and the technical capabilities to implement infrastructure changes to support business redesign.

Concurrent with his tenure at Rational Systems, Dr. Vreeke served as vice president of R&D for Rational Biotechnology, a Rational Systems spin-off.  Rational Biotech’s goal was to speed the adoption of personalized medicine through the development of combined IVD and drug therapy products. He founded TransAtlantic Science to commercialize the Lactate EDGE sports exercise monitor. The company subsequently expanded into the contract research arena specializing in glucose monitoring. The company initiated an internal effort in diabetes control based on a fundamental paradigm shift from the closed loop active feedback methods to a passive approach that minimizes glucose excursions. He served as the Senior VP of R&D at Pepex Biomedical. Pepex is a medical device company specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing disposable miniaturized electrochemical biosensors. In 2011 Dr. Vreeke took a sabbatical from day-to-day responsibilities at Rational to launch OmniPort LLC. OmniPort’s strategy is to create IVD products based on novel sampling methods.

Before forming Rational Systems, Dr. Vreeke was a senior research scientist at Bayer Corp. (Elkhart, IN), where he was responsible for new reagent development in Bayer’s self-testing segment and coordinated efforts to incorporate new reagents into next-generation sensor platforms. He has also held research positions at SpectRx, and TheraSense Inc. He graduated from Calvin College with a BS in chemistry and went on to receive a PhD in analytical chemistry from the University of Texas. He is currently a member of the editorial advisory board of IVD Technology and is a visiting professor in the chemical engineering department at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain). Academic honors include a Welch Fellowship and Woodrow Wilson Fellowship. He has 20 peer reviewed publications and 34 issued U.S. patents.

Mark S. Vreeke, PhD | Senior Partner | Rational Systems LLC | 11 Greenway Plaza, Ste. 543 | Houston, TX 77046
Phone: 832/752-2915 | E-mail:

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