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2014 MDEA Entry Materials Checklist

There is still time left to enter the 2014 Medical Design Excellence Awards competition because we are extending the final deadline. For a submission to be considered complete and on time, and for all entry materials to be considered during judging, entrants should adhere to the following deadlines.

  • 5 pm PST - Friday, January 31: New deadline to submit for digital entry materials outlined below (Entry Form, Images, Exhibits, Videos)
  • 5 pm PST - Friday, February 7: New deadline to for sample products and any accompany materials to arrive at our office to the address below..

To enter please follow these steps:

Step 1. Review Benefits to Winners, Finalists, and their Suppliers
Step 2. Review Eligibility Requirements and 11 Medtech Competition Categories
Step 3. Review Deadlines and Entry Fees
Step 4. Download the 2014 MDEA Entry Form
Step 5. Follow this Entry Materials Checklist when compiling and submitting entry materials:

Entrants in the 2014 MDEA competition should use the following checklist to ensure that they include:

  • ALL required entry materials for their submission to be considered complete.
  • ANY additional recommended (not required) materials to supplement your entry as an aid to jurors during the judging process.
  • Please note that it is required to submit EITHER a sample product AND/OR a product demo video. However, it is NOT required to submit BOTH. Most entries usually include either a sample product, or a product video in lieu of a sample product, or both.
  • MDEA is Going Green and printed hard copies are no longer accepted, except for sample products and any necessary accompanying materials whenever possible (see details below).
  • Entrants must submit each entry material item described below (e.g., Entry Form, product images, exhibits, figures, videos, etc.) in electronic version ONLY.

If you have any questions, please contact James at or 310-445-4266.A quick ten minute phone call will get you on the right track.

Required Entry Materials

The following entry materials are required in order for your submission to be considered during the judging process.


Entry fee as required on the date by which the entry is submitted.

For an entry to be considered on time for the 2014 MDEA competition, and for all entry materials to be considered during judging, entrants should adhere to the following deadlines.


Completed Entry Form

Entrants are required to download and follow the instructions in the 2014 Entry Form:

  1. Follow the instructions on pages 1 + 2 of the 2014 Entry Form regarding:
    • Using the proper file naming conventions for your digital entry materials
    • Submitting all of your digital entry materials by uploading to our ftp site.
  1. Follow the instructions on the last page of the 2014 Entry Form regarding:
    • Question 21: Submitting your entry fee payment online.
    • Question 22: Sending a confirmation email listing all the materials you submitted, and your entry fee confirmation #.
  1. Suggestions for Completing the Entry Form:
    • Submitters should take care to answer each question clearly and fully, yet concisely.
    • Focus your efforts on providing substantive information, and avoid unsubstantiated claims, comparisons with other products, and marketing hyperbole.
    • Seek the assistance of others involved in developing your product whenever necessary to answer specific questions (e.g., product engineer or designer to describe specific product features; or marketing execs to explain business benefits etc.)
    • Final entry form must be submitted as an unlocked electronic version ONLY, electronically signed by the submitter. Just type in your name and date. Please do not convert the word document to a PDF file.

Product Images

At least one high-resolution digital product image that clearly depicts the entry is required. These image will be used for jury orientation and will also be used for publication if your device is named a finalist or an award winner.

Image Do’s:
  • To meet this entry requirement, submit the product’s “glamour shot”—the main image(s) used in promotional materials for the product.
  • To ensure high-quality print reproduction, images should be saved at a high-resolution setting (300 dpi) for a minimum width of at least 3 inches.
  • Images saved as.jpg files are preferred. Please NO .png, .gif, or .tiff files.
    • To aid jurors during the judging process, entrants are encouraged to submit up to five additional alternative versions (different views; angles; close-ups; product-in-use shots, etc.) of their product’s "glamour shot".
    • Additional images are especially useful during the judging process if your sample product is too large, expensive, or bulky to submit.
Image Dont’s:
  • Entrants must not embed such “glamour shot” image files in the Entry Form or in other Word, PDF, PowerPoint, html, or other non-graphic programs.
  • No artificial overlays, borders, text, labeling, or logos (unless it is part of the product) of any kind should appear in the image areas of these “glamour shot” photos.
    • Instead, if entrants want to include text or artificial overlays, such as arrows to point out key product features, then that would instead be considered a figure (see section below).
    • You may submit a clean version of a product image as a glamour shot and a marked up version of the same image as a figure.

Supporting Documentation

Any Exhibits or Figures that are referenced in answers to the Entry Form. The #1 shortcoming of entries is lack of data and supporting documentation to support claims made in the answers. Entrants are encouraged to support their responses to the Entry Form by providing additional documentation.

Supporting Materials might include Exhibits (documents) or Figures (graphic files). The following is a list of recommended (not required) examples to supplement your entry as an aid to jurors during the judging process.

Appropriate Exhibits (supporting documents) might include, but are not limited to:
  • design specifications
  • product spec sheets
  • product test data
  • results of clinical medical studies
  • peer-reviewed articles about the product
  • patient / doctor testimonials
  • measures of improved processing techniques
  • assembly / operating instructions
  • user manuals
  • marketing brochures
  • …and so on.
Appropriate Figures (supporting graphic files) might include, but are not limited to:
  • any graphic files OTHER THAN the product glamour or product in-use shots
  • exploded diagrams or different views or to depict special features of the entry
  • before-and-after photos showing enhancements over an earlier product
  • side by side comparisons pointing out differences to competitor product
  • a series of photos to help jurors understand how the product is used
  • graphic charts to illustrate business benefits associated with the product.
  • design concept illustrations
  • …and so on.
    • Unlike product Images, figures may include artificial overlays or labeling in the image area as necessary to direct jurors to features of key importance.
    • It is expected that no more than 25 additional figures will be sent unless special permission is granted.
Please Note:
  • Each referenced Exhibit and Figure should be numbered in the order to which they are referred and named according to the file naming conventions described in Step #5 on page 2 of the Entry Form.
  • Submitters should cite such Exhibits and Figures at the appropriate places within their responses to the Entry Form in order to direct the jurors to reference the supporting material at that time (e.g., see Exhibit 04 Product Spec Sheet; see Figure 02 Product Test Data; watch Video 01 Product Demo, etc.).


Entrants are required to submit EITHER a sample product and/or a product demo video. Both are recommended whenever possible. Most entries usually include either a sample product, or a product video in lieu of a sample product, or both. However it is NOT required to submit both. Obviously sample products are not required in the cases of products too large, too bulky, or too expensive to submit for jury review.


Product Demo Videos for Jury Review

  • Jurors can gain a better understanding of a device by viewing a short product demo video (5 minutes or less) which focuses clearly on the product’s key design features and demonstrates how the product is used.
  • A product demo video is especially useful in the cases of sample products too large, too bulky, or too expensive to submit for jury review.
  • Other types of videos may include short (5 minutes or less) patient / doctor testimonials, news reports, etc.
  • If videos are longer than 5 Minutes, please direct the jurors’ attention to the time frame they should watch.
  • All videos MUST be PC-compatible. Video files playable via Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, or QuickTime are preferred.
  • Please test the video on a PC to ensure it plays.
  • Please avoid Flash Files whenever possible.
  • Jurors cannot view videos posted to the internet.

Sample Products for Jury Examination and Display

  • Jurors can gain a better understanding of a device by handling and operating a sample product, and entrants are encouraged to send actual working products whenever possible.
  • Disposable products, surgical instruments, small patient monitors, and many other types of devices can be readily accepted for viewing by the jury.
  • If it is not possible to send an actual working product, entrants are encouraged to send non-working display samples, but should clearly label 'For Display Only' on such products.
  • For tiny, thin, flat, fragile, or odd-shaped hand held products etc., entrants are encouraged to submit at least 1 non-working display sample mounted on a stand or model of some sort so that the product does not get “lost” among all the larger products.
  • In the cases of sample products too large, too bulky, or too expensive to submit for jury review, entrants are required to submit a short product demo video in lieu of a sample product.
  • In the cases of small and/or disposable sample products, entrants are encouraged to submit additional sample products for jury examination (i.e. 4 to 12 to 25 or more total depending on the size or whether it is disposable). There are twelve jurors in all, and the jurors work in four teams of three, and it would aid them during the judging process to have a few extra samples at hand.

Completed Air bill for the return of sample products

Entrants submitting sample products are required to provide either:

  • Permission to dispose of the sample after jury examination and display.
  • a completed air bill for the return shipment of the sample product
    • including a completed return customs invoice for any products being shipped internationally.


Although MDEA is Going Green and hard copies of all the entry materials are no longer accepted, when submitting sample products entrants should follow these two exceptions:

  1. Entrants should include a hard copy print out of the entry form so that I may reconcile the sample product with the electronic entry materials. There is no need to send printed hard copies everything else.
  2. Entrants submitting sample products should also include a hard copy, in addition to the electronic supporting exhibits, of any necessary accompanying entry materials that will aid the jurors while assembling or judging your product, such as:
    • instructions-for-use
    • user manuals
    • set-up, guides
    • or assembly instructions.
  3. Entrants must also include any necessary batteries, cables, power cords, cases, disposable sharps, containers, etc. needed to operate or demo the sample product.
  4. Clearly label any loose/removable parts such a: cables, cords, cases, bags, batteries, guides, etc. with your product and company name in case materials get separated.


When submitting sample products, please ship all sample products (including a hard copy of any user guides, instructions for use, or return air bills) to:

James Costigan
Medical Design Excellence Awards
UBM Canon
2901 28th Street, Suite 100
Santa Monica, CA 90405-2975 USA
Phone: 310-445-4266 | Fax: 310-445-4299

  1. Sample products with any accompanying materials as described here MUST arrive no later than Friday, February 7, 2014.
  2. Any materials received after Friday, February 7 will NOT be considered during the 2014 MDEA judging weekend.
  3. When Shipping from International Countries please adhere to the following instructions to avoid your products arriving past the deadline.
  4. Please inquire with any issues, questions, clarification.


When mailing your sample products from other countries, give yourself enough time to avoid any shipping delays in customs, and ensure your sample products and  accompanying materials arrive no later than Friday, February 7, 2014, please adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Ship directly to the address listed above
  2. Include my phone number in case there are any delays in customs, which there are if you do not follow these instructions, so that customs can call me directly to verify.
  3. Provide 4 copies of completed Return Customs Invoice reversing the addresses for me to use when returning your sample products. Leave the date blank.
  4. You must include the following info, or else customs will hold the package:
    • the name, address, and country of the manufacturer company
    • as well as a manufacturer contact name and phone number
    • as well as any product VAT number
    • You must write something along these lines on your shipping air bill and customs form.

(However, for US Customs purposes please make the invoice value under $200.00 US dollars)
AS A PART OF THE 2014 Medical Design Excellence Awards COMPETITION 

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