UBM Canon

Admission Policies

1. Admission to the expositions is strictly enforced to protect the interests of their exhibitors.

2. The expositions are open to the trade only, and not open to the public. Individuals who cannot document their direct, professional affiliation to the expositions and their associated industries are not qualified to attend the expositions.

3. Solicitation of, or marketing to, exhibitors is strictly prohibited and will result in removal from the expositions and eviction from the venue. This includes oral sales pitches, leaflet distribution, demonstrations, objectionable behavior, or any other activity which may disrupt the expositions.

4. Show Management reserves the right to charge an admission fee, or refuse registration, to anyone.

5. Qualifying manufacturers (i.e. companies producing finished products that are ready for an end user) may be eligible for free admission to the expositions.

6. Only registered visitors who are badge holders and exhibitors who are badge holders will be permitted to attend the expositions.

7. Badge holders must not allow their badges to be worn by anyone else. Any failure is likely to lead to the badge holder and the person wearing the badge being evicted from the expositions.

8. Anyone obtaining a visitor or exhibitor badge by theft, deception, or other illegal means may be asked to leave the expositions.

9. Anyone attending the conferences or expositions should carry some form of photo identification (e.g. passport, driver's license) which is acceptable to Show Management and which Show Management may ask to see.

10. No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the conference rooms or exposition halls.

11. Photography and videotaping are prohibited without prior authorization from the exhibitor or Show Management.


Show Management reserves the right to exclude or remove anyone from the expositions and the venue
who does not comply with these policies or who they reasonably consider is likely to break these rules.

The above policies may be revised at any time by Show Management and are non-negotiable.