Your Access to Canon Attendees and Readers
Make Personal Contact with Key Targets

• 1.3 million records in the Canon Data Mine database
• 900,000 verified within the last week to the last year
• 400,000 are key Medical Design & Manufacturing titles

Contact Records are Attendees of:

Contact Records are Readers of:

Can't get into that key account? Let UBM Canon Data Mine help you.

Search the database by country, state, region, sector, company, title, person, and behavior—attended a show, subscribes to an e-newsletter or magazine, etc.

Then pick your best targets, and download name, title, address, phone number, e-mail, and behavior.

Canon Data Mine is your way to target key contacts at certain companies. Canon Data Mine is not intended for high volume list rentals where mass direct mailings and emails are sent. Instead, the database is designed to assist our exhibitors in reaching key contacts (after download) for whom a direct sales approach is in mind, where telephone calls and personal visits will be used in combination with personalized emails and mailings. Canon Data Mine has the powerful contact data you need to build your business.